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Wednesday real life

It was actually pretty quiet, but I needed a quiet day.  I was kind of tired, but felt like I was in a better mental state than I had been for a while.  I spent much of the day up at the computer in the living room, my computer.  I don't think I turned the laptop on at all.  My bad leg is sore from the angles I prop it up on the cushion under the desk.  It's much better physically for me to be sitting in the recliner in the family room with my leg up on the hassock, but I can do a lot more on my computer than the laptop.

I tried Jasmine Lovers tea today.  I've gone into the "Exotic Bouquet" teas now, with Shooting Star and this one.  Jasmine Lovers is a white flowering tea that opens up to show a lily and a string of jasmine blossoms.  I refrained from poking at this one with a teaspoon, though I swirled the flower around some by tipping the little glass teapot in different ways.  I enjoy jasmine tea.  Next time I'll have to let it steep a bit longer, but I like tea strong.  It was good.

Aunt A. sent me a care package, full of the funny little things she puts in our Christmas stockings.  That was really sweet of her.  Dad's side of the family has been great about sending get well cards and wishes.  Mom doesn't have many relatives left, or none we see often.  We used to see Uncle R., Mom's half-brother, pretty often when we'd come to Nana A.'s for the holidays.  I don't know if Mom even told him I broke my ankle.

I really wanted my hair washed.  As I've noted in a recent entry, the kitchen sink is hardly draining at all, and I'm sure Mom doesn't think that getting long hair in it will help at all.  Mom suggested I go up and take a shower.  I had done a thorough, all-except-for-my-hair-washed sponge bath only a few hours previously, but I figured that if I wanted clean hair, that was my chance.  I had to stop partway up the stairs to rest.  I really need to do my arm exercises and the ones for my good leg twice a day to keep up my strength, but pulling yourself up the stairs with your arms takes a lot of energy anyway.

As before, we wrapped my bad leg in plastic, and I hung it out of the shower.  At some point, Mom asked if I was still washing my hair.  "It takes a while," I said.  It's only halfway down my back, so it's not that long, but it's not that quick a process to wash it.  When I was done, I pushed myself up from the edge of the tub with my arms, and got totally into a standing position that way.  I surprised myself with that.  Downstairs is easier, though on the way up, I managed to hold the casted leg completely off the stairs when I went up one.  I think that took a lot of energy, also, which is why I needed to stop.

I stayed up in the living room on my computer while Mom and Dad watched the Phillies game.  Dad reclaimed his laptop for a little while, and they seemed to be much more peaceful today.  Dad watched some sort of movie afterwards while I stayed here.  He headed upstairs a bit ago.  I'll go and put my bad leg up on the hassock soon.  I may need painkillers tonight.

I called around about scheduling paratransit trips, and other disability things.  I get the plaster cast off next Friday or so, but it's going to be quite a while after that before I can drive again.  N.F. will take me to garden club tomorrow.  I don't think she could lift a wheelchair into her car, so it will be all using the walker.  I shouldn't have to do a whole lot of walking in the building.  D.S. will probably be glad to see me in a situation where she's not translating clips from Verbotene Liebe.  I don't think she's any happier than Henriette about seeing two men kissing, but she's been a trouper about it.  I rewatched an AWZ episode I'd seen last September, and I was amazed at how much soap opera German I've learned in the last year.

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