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Tuesday: No translation for this, but Axel came into the middle of the reception and said that Ben and Vanessa had had sex with each other, and that Celine was going to move to Australia with Oliver Sommer.  Ben and Ingo dragged him off, but he'd said what he wanted to.  If I were Isabelle, I'd be concerned that Ben hadn't happened to mention the incest before.  I still say that it was at the very least a formative experience for Ben and Vanessa.  Ben kicked Richard out of the reception.

The part that was subtitled included Roman and Deniz continuing to exchange glances.  Roman was about to leave when Deniz said, "Dance with me, instead."

Annette, Ingo and Vanessa yelled, "Yes!" when Deniz and Roman kissed.  The guys weren't doing a lot of dancing, just swaying and hugging and kissing.  They managed to find the same cloakroom that Isabelle had locked Katja and Ben into, and that Celine and Oliver had already made out in.  Trust Deniz and Roman to find a semi-private place.  Roman started talking, and Deniz said, "Shut up and kiss me already."  I understood that perfectly without subtitles, though it was nice to get the confirmation.

Lisabea posted and mentioned a love scene between Roman and Deniz.  I couldn't understand how I'd missed that, and watched the whole episode again.  Finally, I found the little extra scene on EKP.  I don't know how the ladies got it, but I'm so glad they did.  I had figured the guys had just christened the cloakroom.  As I said on Nose in a Book, I was impressed that Dennis G. could carry more than his own weight.  Igor is thin, but he must be over six feet tall, and he's toned.  He can't be that light -- somewhere between 165-175 maybe?  I thought it was a nice change for Roman to do the carrying.

There were a few comments on EKP from certain viewers who were surprised that Roman had taken charge.  I wondered what show they had been watching.  As far as I can remember, Roman has always been assertive about what he wants.  He's a small man, and far from straight-acting, but he's not at all shy sexually.  Deniz doesn't treat Roman like he's physically fragile when they have sex, and Roman has no desire to be treated as fragile.  All indications are that they play hard.  In response to that surprise from a couple of people, several other commenters referenced episode 735, where Mike said, "Now we know who was the top and who was the bottom."

Roman said, "Top, bottom -- your sex life must be really boring, Mike."  I've posted many times here about how I like books in which the characters are versatile, and said so in conversation.

S. said that made it harder to negotiate.  Well, I guess so, if you're talking about real life.  I knew from things S. had said that he thought a lot of guys strongly preferred to top or bottom, so I'd wondered, but thought it would be rude to ask.  After the LGBT group did a discussion of bisexuality, S. said he'd like to be a Kinsey 3, but he was a bottom, so there would be really nothing doing as far as the girls were concerned.  I almost crashed the car laughing at the deadpan way he said it, just like that.  I did an entry on August 23rd that included some of our conversations about m/m romance.

I've also noted before that when AWZ goes there, Deniz has been shown bottoming for Roman.  I love that the show breaks that particular stereotype of the taller and more straight-acting guy always being the top.  I don't think it necessarily happens like that at all.  I like that AWZ portrays them as adventurous, and had Roman pretty much telling Mike that he was a switch.  I think Deniz just about blushed at that.  I think he was still insisting that he wasn't gay at that point.  Roman just rolled his eyes when he heard Deniz say that.  The show had a lot of repair to do with their fail of having Deniz change to include going for women in his repertoire.  Not that he ever changed so much as to stop lusting for Roman.  I don't think that will ever change.

But big yay for them getting together again, though they still do have a lot of talking and trust-building to do.  The show raced through a lot of this whole storyline, though Dennis and Igor and Timo(?) acted the hell out of their scenes.  Thinking of things that happened then, I love Florian as an addition to the show.  He adds that much more sparkle.  We're officially in DeRo 3.0 now.  I hope their next storyline is something in which they'll face problems together.  As great as the acting was, I really didn't like the cheating storyline.

Today (Wednesday) had a lot of Lena and Max, and Celine and her men.  Lena did a little ceremony that seemed like something about her baby being in heaven now, and released balloons.  I was glad Annette was there for her for that.  The best part of the episode for me was the way Simone was determined to crush Claudia.  I'm totally rooting for Simone, of course.  She has some serious experience and resources, and Claudia needs to be crushed like the rat she is.

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