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Friday late August

Still having adventures with tea.  It turns out the other day's must have been Dragon Lily, because today's was definitely Lavender Dream.  There were little grains of lavender floating in it, and it tasted fairly strongly of lavender.  The red hibiscus flower was black or dark brown instead, but I was still sure of the identity of the tea.  It turns out that like the scent of lavender better than I do the taste, but it was cool to see the tea flower open up.  This time I boiled water in the Pyrex measuring cup, at Mom's suggestion, then took that over to the teapot.  Next time I'll use the two-cup one, because a cup only just covered the flower.  I heated another cup, and poured that in, too.  The flower was already opening slowly in the first cup of water.

S.M. came over for a visit, and brought her laptop.  She couldn't access the Internet or her Thunderbird e-mail, but we sorted out some of her documents.  I looked up some things for her online on my computer.  I told her she'd have to bring me over next time to work at her house, so I could show her about e-mail attachments again.

It was nice to see her.  She'd visited me in the hospital, but I had been sleeping after taking massive amounts of pain meds, and I think I was just saying really random things.  She said I was having a hard time keeping my eyes open then.  At least this time I wasn't on painkillers and was far more alert.  I showed her the tea set and told her my stories about the flowering teas I'd tried so far.

Soap operas: Alles Was Zahlt: Roman and Deniz have been having DeRo 3.0 angst these past two days.  They were dividing up the bigger of their possessions, and getting the last of Roman's things out of the flat.  Roman plans to move into another flat, with Florian.  Florian wanted to know who got the TV and the gaming console.  Deniz said he was going to get another TV anyway.  I think Florian will miss Deniz.  They've really kind of gotten to be buddies.  Florian and Roman have developed the cutest big brother/little brother relationship.  Florian has so far turned out to be a wonderful addition to the show.

Florian found an unlabeled DVD, and they put it in to play, to see what it was.  It was the ice-skating performance from episode 812, the qualifying skate for the Gay Games.  Roman had been twisting something in his hands.  The EKP ladies said it was him trying to get keys off his bunny keychain.  Florian said he was really glad he was a hockey player.  Those scenes of Roman and Deniz pair-skating were beautiful.  They were so in synch, and emotionally so close then.

Roman said he had a copy of the DVD, and went just outside the door of the flat, where he resumed trying to remove keys from his keychain.  Florian went out to go to work.  Roman came back in to see Deniz watching them pair-skating, and crying.  When present-day Roman went over and touched Deniz' shoulder, Deniz yelled at him to get out.  Annette and Roman talked.  Annette thought it was significant that Deniz "cries his eyes out" when he remembers happier times with Roman.
Roman wrote Deniz a letter, saying that he'd leave him alone, so Deniz could be happy without him.  I don't think Deniz much liked that.  Roman has changed a lot from when he obsessively continued to pursue Deniz after Deniz broke up with him in DeRo 1.0.  Deniz has matured considerably from then, but so has Roman.  I think going from figure skater to figure-skating trainer was one of the biggest changes as far as Roman gaining maturity.  Now he's mentoring others.  I think Deniz got very used to Roman pursuing him, before, during, and after their first relationship.  We'll see where it goes from here.  Despite the times they've cheated and fought and broken up, they're the loves of each other's lives.  Roman has loved Deniz since the moment he saw him.

Things continue to go on with Isabelle and Ben.  (*spoilers*)  I don't think it's going to be a good marriage, since Isabelle gets pregnant with Max's baby sooner or later.  Sooner?  What is it with all the pregnant blondes?  I think Celine agreed to go to Australia with Oliver.  Richard doesn't know about it yet, because when Celine was about to tell him, Nadja came to the penthouse door.  (*Big squee!*)

I missed Nadja so much.  I wish she could stay.  She was a mother figure to Deniz when he really needed one.  I hope she and Deniz get to spend some time together.  Ben and Deniz would have both had a half-sister if Nadja hadn't lost the baby, and Deniz was very excited at the idea of having a baby sister.  I think Marie is buried somewhere in a graveyard in Essen.  I believe there were Marian/Nadja scenes of visiting the grave.  Roman and Nadja were very close as well.  Dennis G. said it was very hard when the second actress to play Nadja left the show.  Presumably they were close friends in real life.

I love the scenes with Richard and Vanessa, and with Ben and Vanessa, but there are so many people left who have ties with Nadja, too.  The new Ben is so deeply a part of life in fictional Essen now.  Not only is he officially a Steinkamp now, but he's close in various ways with the Bergmann/Zakek bunch, the Ozturks, and the Wilds.  It would be great if Nadja came back at least for a while.

I think Tom and Katja officially broke up.  Katja accidentally called Tom "Ben" during a pivotal scene when Tom asked if she loved him.  (Katja!)  We knew Tom was the rebound guy, but I loved Tom as a character, with all his goofy adorkableness.  Maybe they would be able to keep Tom and some of the old characters coming back, if Celine and Oliver really did head to Australia.  We'll see what happens with that.  Oliver is terribly underused on the show, and the actor is so good.  It's a shame.  We'll see what happens starting with Monday's important episode.  Episode 1000!  I'm excited.

Verbotene Liebe: Several smaller scenes with the guys this past week, after those important episodes with Henriette.  I didn't understand much of what they were saying, but especially today it seemed to be establishing what a happy couple they were, with snuggling, hugging and general lovingness.  Andi and Helena were having all kinds of displays of loving affection, too.  Constantin was the only one alone, and cranky about it.  Helena asked what his problem was, and Andi and Olli said, "Frauen."

Constantin ran into Jessica again, at Schneider's.  Jessica didn't give Charlie a chance to explain to Constantin why she was so cold to Jessica.  She just swooped Constantin up and charmed him, and apparently took him off shopping with her.  When they came back to the flat, Olli and Christian had just headed to their bedroom, and Andi and Helena had headed to Andi's bedroom when they heard the door opening.  I thought that Andi and Helena were going to re-christen the blue couch.

Jessica started making out with Constantin as soon as they got into the flat, and Constantin's shirt was quickly off.  Now if Andi and Helena come back out to the living room, things will get very interesting.  I would have been fine with the cameras just following the lovebirds to the bedroom, and not staying with Constantin and Jessica.  It's rather weird that Thore's girlfriend Jana is playing a woman seducing Constantin while Thore is playing a man close to marrying Olli.  At least Thore doesn't have to explain why he would pretty much constantly have beard-burn on his face.

Jo got an AfterElton rainbow cupcake (, as his birthday is this weekend.  He'll be thirty-three.  A. and Kris, let me know if you find any exciting "Happy Birthday, Jo" videos.

Back to the show, Maria went completely crazy, then made it very clear that Tanja had driven her to it.  Maria tried to strangle Tanja, but Ludwig pulled her off.  (Ludwig!  Why?)  Then a while later,  Maria tried to strangle Elisabeth, and Ludwig was much slower to pull Maria's hands off Elisabeth's neck.  I didn't understand it either.  Maybe it was just indicative of the history Maria and Elisabeth have.  Ludwig presumably really wants Elisabeth left alive.  Ansgar wasn't even there to see it all.  Maria looked far better in her wedding dress than any real brides on the shows have looked, as far as the ones I've seen.  So the men in white coats came to take Maria, still wearing the wedding dress, away to a clinic.

Nico is still tied up, but she's in Christian and Olli's wedding, so apparently she'll be freed within the next week or so.  I'm eager to see the Chrolli marathon.  The last couple of months have been so much better than those long months of fighting that preceded them.  Christian and Olli are very much back to being an international soap opera supercouple. 

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