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Nanna is having computer trouble, but the last couple of episodes of Verbotene Liebe had little scenes with Christian and Olli.  As far as I could tell, they're back to giving their straight friends advice on romance.  They recognized right away that Constantin was crushing on Nathalie.  Christian is completely oblivious to anyone having a crush on him, but he notices immediately how Constantin feels.  I don't get it either.  They had a party for Helena when she got her doctorate in archeology.  I wondered how Rebecca had gotten in there, then remembered that she was Helena's sister.  I think Helena and Sebastian try to forget she's related to them.  Christian and Olli were partying and dancing with no interference from Rebecca, and I just imagined she had one of 2glassgirl2's censor bars over her face.

Tristan is frantically trying to get in touch with Helena.  He's still in prison, since he reported himself for all the crimes he and Jessica committed against Andi.  Tristan's evil mirror twin is talking to him.  The vorschau calls it his alter ego, but I know an evil mirror twin when I see one.  Since Tristan was pretty evil himself for a while there, I don't get why he's seeing an evil mirror twin.  It would seem to be evil talking to evil.  Perhaps they're making the point that real-life Tristan is repentant.  It's not supposed to last long, though.  Real-life Tristan will be evil and scheming again very soon, according to the previews.  He's trying to resist it, though, even going so far as to break his mirror the other day.  The actor is doing a great job.

Nico made a break for it, but the car she flagged down when she staggered out of the woods was Antonia's, so Nico is once more tied up in the bad way.  She's doing a lot of crying, which I didn't expect from a woman who had formerly been a tough punk girl, according to Arno and Andi.  Then again, Andi used to be more of a punk himself, apparently.  If you Google "Andi in leather pants," you get some clips that show exactly as advertised.  I love that the show has brought back Andi and Nico and Constantin.  Now if they'd just give Nico good plot, that would be cool.

Tanja is encouraging Maria towards a total break with reality.  I don't think it took a whole lot.  It's always soapy fun when the villains are being evil to each other, and Tanja is probably one of the most evil characters left on the show.  Maria saw Christian and Olli kissing and talking about their upcoming wedding (*squee!*).  In sharp contrast with Henriette, Maria seemed to think it was sweet.  At least she's a gay-friendly insane villain.  Somehow Maria's gotten the idea that Ludwig is going to marry her, even though last we saw, he'd broken up with her and didn't trust her at all.  Tanja is going so far with the delusion that she got Maria all dressed up in a wedding dress.  Next episode promises to be interesting with Maria, Elisabeth, and Ludwig.

I watched a whole bunch of the vorschau, well into September.  Christian and Olli don't seem to get a whole lot more major screen time before the wedding.  I saw the preview for the episode with the picture A. showed me with Rebecca in the middle of the guys, with Olli and Christian making upset faces.  (*spoilers*)  Rebecca thinks she's gotten pregnant from a one-night stand in Barcelona, and the guys offer to raise the baby.  The vorschau had the words "Patchwork-familie."  I shuddered.  Fortunately, it turns out to be a false alarm.

Olli and Christian should at least have time for a honeymoon before they start talking about babies.  Just because Carla's partner (before Stella) had a baby doesn't mean that the guys have to.  Although I did love Olli saying how the Sabel family, or at least his mother, would be perfectly happy if Christian was named Christina and was pregnant.  They made a male pregnancy joke before, when Lydia left a pregnancy test on the kitchen counter (ew) and Sebastian saw it.

I'm not sure if it would be more ironic if Lydia got pregnant with Sebastian's child and had a baby that Christina would be both aunt and sister to, or if Lydia got pregnant by Ansgar.  Lydia and Ansgar are at the point of Ansgar calling her from Italy, and Lydia telling him to leave her alone.  I think I'd rather her have a child that was half-brother or half-sister to her sister.  It's fun imagining the explanation to the children in twenty years or so.  I'm sure somebody's written fan fiction about it.  If it played out in true Verbotene Liebe style, it would be a brother who fell in love with his sister-aunt.

There seem to be at least a few episodes that are Chrolli-centric in the next couple of weeks, as it should be.  I can't wait for the next Chrolli marathon either.  I only caught parts of the first day last time, but was there for most of the second day, up until the end.  It was a lot of fun to have people to squee with and to boo the villains and Rebecca with.  This one may need to be spread out over three days.  I was watching the episodes of "This Week in Chrolli News" (2glassgirl2) today.  A. recommended it, and though it's stopped running, it was really good while it lasted.

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