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I caught up on several episodes of Alles Was Zahlt today.  I'd seen Friday's EKP clip.  Deniz kisses Roman, then "flees," as Roman says, back to the flat.  Florian saw the part before Deniz took off, and had a "things are back to normal" expression.  He even told Roman later that he thought it was cool.  Roman explained about the fleeing part.  At the end, Roman brought a photo album with pictures of himself and Deniz to the flat, and said he'd noticed there weren't any pictures of them together in the flat anymore.  Roman told Deniz that he loves him, and promised that he'd make him happy if Deniz gave him another chance.  Deniz told Roman he loves him too, but can't trust him any more.  They ended up each pressing their heads against opposite sides of the door.

During the past week, there was also a lot of Ben/Isabelle drama, and quite a bit of von Altenburg drama.  Lena finally told Max she'd lost the baby.  I didn't see how she was going to go very long without telling him.  She'd been stopped by the police for them to check her papers, and they happened to notice the empty mini-bottle of vodka on the passenger seat.  After some drama with Max, Lena took a full-sized vodka bottle, and wandered along the road.  I wondered if she'd get run over, but she just passed out on the half-pipe, rousing enough to try to defend her vodka bottle when Annette spotted her and tried to pry it out of her hands.

Annette and Ingo kind of sobered her up, and Annette gave her sympathy.  When Annette said that Lena and Alexander could stay at the flat, Lena headed out.  There was a lot of half-naked Lena this week, as she tried to seduce Max for assorted reasons.  I was cool with half-naked Lena.

Ben/Isabelle and Katja/Tom had simultanous sex scenes, then Ben and Katja both dreamed that they were making love to each other.  Clearly, it was another sign.  I like Tom, and I want him to stay around.  Perhaps he's not the true pairing, but he could find other links to people and reasons to stay in Essen.  Ben wanted to put off the wedding.  Isabelle and Ben had a scene on the dock of the lake with weeping from Isabelle.  She ran off into the sand in her high heels, fell, and hit her head on the only rock on the beach.  Ben realized that he didn't want to lose Isabelle.  I think there was an episode with three crying blondes at the same time.  There were definitely a couple with an Isabelle crying scene cutting away to a Lena crying scene.  The tear sticks were in heavy use for the women of Alles Was Zahlt these past few episodes.

The wedding was back on, which led to the most boring bachelorette party ever, and a very interesting bachelor party.  It was a total celebration of Ho Yay (, as Ingo had apparently ordered a stripper named Robin instead of Robina.  Deniz and Roman weren't as into it as you might think, though Roman covered Ingo's eyes at key points.  I can just imagine Tom Chroust writing this policeman-stripper scene.  Marian and Ingo weren't thrilled, and Florian didn't look too happy, either.  Flo might have gotten used to his gay brother and Deniz, but he still didn't really want to see a guy do a striptease.  Nevertheless, I have a feeling that that part of the episode is going to have a special place in Alles Was Zahlt and Eskimo Kiss Project history.

Ben was surprisingly just fine with his stripper, and Tom was a happy guy, too.  The slash fiction writers got a ton of material to work with.  The stripper was really quite cute, and had some fine abs.  We even got his name, so the fan fiction writers don't need to make one up.  From Igor and Jorg(?) having sparkly chemistry to Roman joking about Ben switching to the right team to Ben being happy with his stripper, there have been so many Ben scenes wide open to slashy potential.  As indignant as those fans who just want to think about the canon pairings might get, the show is bursting with any kind of subtext other fans might want to read into it.  The only thing that might have made it better was the guys putting money in the stripper's little thong.  I don't especially care who might have, but that would also make a good fan fiction story.

I'm not sure when Katja hurt herself, but she was on crutches.  I don't think I missed an episode of her having a bad fall.  Perhaps the actress did something to herself shooting a scene.  But just like we had drunk!Lena several times in the past few weeks, we had drunk!Katja, too.  Drunk!Katja got up at the bachelorette party and told Isabelle that Ben didn't love her, just as Ben and Tom walked in.  That's where today's episode ended.

I wasn't thrilled about having Vanessa back, considering what all had gone on many episodes ago, but she's been surprisingly cool.  I didn't think she'd left on very good terms with either Deniz or Roman, and especially not with Roman, but she's been very supportive of Deniz.  I love the Vanessa and Ben scenes.  They have sparkly chemistry, too.  Vanessa's name is in the main credits, and so is Tom's.  Claudia Bergmann's is, too.  Claudia is going around the Center like a little rat, listening in the corners to see who she can blackmail, and what trouble he can stir up.  Simone is trying to fire her, she's trying to seduce Richard, and Jenny sided with her father on keeping Claudia around, just to spite Simone.  I'm looking forward to seeing Simone crush Claudia.  Meanwhile, Claudia brought Richard a bottle of wine to celebrate talking him into keeping her around, and Richard made some interesting motions with his hand on the neck of the bottle.  AWZ and subtle are destined never to meet.

So, some lovesickness angst for the Gays Boys With Issues, and major Ho Yay with a male stripper.  I'm glad the EKP ladies cut as many of the scenes with the blondes crying as possible, but it's been a good week so far.  The show provided massive amounts of fanservice for viewers who are into that kind of thing.  I appreciated just about all of it.

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