neyronrose (neyronrose) wrote,

150th kiss

Deepdarkmidnight put up Christian and Olli's 150th kiss -- he counts by scenes.  It was the clip of that kiss, then a montage of what looked like moments from all 150:  It was really pretty cool.  Kris, you should put up the link to it.  Your readers would appreciate it, even those who have never seen Verbotene Liebe.

A few days ago, I wrote a "thank you for your channel" message to Alejandro, a.k.a. deepdarkmidnight.  I told him that I'd been introduced to Christian and Olli's story by a link to Kiss #50.  I said there were some kisses I watched again and again, and that I'd been watching the channel to lift my spirits, especially since I broke my ankle.  He sent a nice note back.  He really gets a kick out of knowing that someone found Chrolli through his channel.  We need to encourage this. 

Tags: soap opera

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