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caught up on Verbotene Liebe

Christian worked so hard to try to get Henriette to reconcile with Olli.  It was so sweet how Christian's face lit up as he described Olli's good qualities.  Henriette progressed as far as to tell Olli, "I realize that you're a homosexual."  She pretty much got stuck at that point.  Henriette turned out to be more concerned with what the church choir members and the sports club people in Meppen would think of her having a homosexual son than with standing by Olli.  She said she couldn't stand the gossip she'd get, and couldn't accept Olli's lifestyle.

"My own mother is embarrassed by me," Olli said.  Henriette left some money on the table and took off.  The scene ended with a tear running down Olli's cheek.  Despite everything, it seemed like Olli had still had some hope that his mother would get as far as accepting him.  It was heartbreaking. 
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