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catching up with Forbidden Love

Rumor -- or possibly Tikhon(?) -- had it that Christian and Olli wouldn't be back on the show until the 24th, after their appearance on the 10th.  I'm not sure if I watched the Verbotene Liebe episode Friday before last, but I decided I should do some catching up.  I was pleasantly surprised to see a few moments of Olli at NoLimits on last Monday, though he was mostly in the background of Helena and Miriam scenes, and only had a few lines.  The guys appeared on Tuesday and Wednesday as well, and those clips are on Ichglotzgerman.

I commented a couple of times on this Monday's episode on Ichglotzutube.  Olli had such good reason to be wary of his mother.  Back in 2001, she rejected him because he was in a relationship with Tom, and stopped paying for him to go to college.  Sometimes I wonder what Olli would have done if he had completed that psychology degree.  People argue that he's naive.  At the very least, he's kept a certain innocence, despite his experiences in life and experience with men. Olli's usually very bright, though.  He vividly remembered how Henriette had burned him before.

This time. she acted nice just long enough to get his hopes up.  Christian was being so pleasant and charming, too.  He's usually the one who's slow to warm up to new people, but he was very welcoming to Henriette, and happy that she'd showed up.  Then she made a scene in Schneider's when Olli and Christian kissed, saying that they were abnormal and disgusting and sick.  I know it's not so uncommon an attitude, but it's still horrible.  Olli was really hurt by her bigotry, but he'd experienced it before from her.  Christian and Olli have public displays of affection all the time.  Those loving touches and kisses are part of what makes them such a sweet couple.

A few of the commenters on Ichglotzutube were saying that Christian and Olli shouldn't have kissed in front of a family member.  I disagreed.  They kiss in front of Charlie all the time, and they kissed around Gregor and Olivia when they were around.  As I said there, Olli and Tom kissed in front of Charlie back then.  Now that I think of it, they made out in front of Tom's sister Alexa a few times in the old episodes I've seen.  I'm not sure if the present-day commenters thought that same-sex public displays of affection are wrong -- in which case, boy, are they watching the wrong channel -- or if it was something they wouldn't do themselves because of feeling it was impolite.  Either way, I think it's perfectly natural to show affection towards your fiance, as someone else (Tikhon?) said.

I'm looking forward to seeing how it plays out.  At least Christian and Charlie are there to give Olli love.  Charlie's much more of a mother to Olli than Henriette is.

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