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catching up on real life -- and controversy

Yes, there was real life, but it hasn't especially been that notable.  The important thing was that I just finished up a proofing job.  I have a line edit due on Thursday, which I've read over.  It's pretty clean, and the plot flows fairly well -- no big plot logic problems I saw.  There were a few typos.  I'll go over it another couple of times before I put it back up on the server.

Saturday and Sunday I just felt crappy.  Remember Kris' baby brother blaming her because he felt crappy when she did?  Yeah.  I'll have to call my brother and see how he felt the last couple of days.  Either I slept, took over-the-counter pain meds, half-watched the Phillies games, or surfed the Web eating popcorn.  Last post I did, I wrote about observing this trainwreck of controversy.  I wasn't really going to participate in it, but I'd done that long post at just the same time Teddypig ( did his.

I basically just wanted to know if Teddypig thought that the images of the heroes in m/m romance were that much more flattering than guys in real life.  I think it's pretty much the same as with m/f romance novels.  The protagonists are way better than the average man, and generally not piggy at all.  It's very often what you wish a man would be like.  There are some less-glamorous heroes, and I personally like it when it's a little more realistic, but I've read a lot of m/m romances in which the main characters were nice and clean and pretty.

I figured I'd better look it up and see what kind of books Victoria Brownworth wrote.  I had read the one about disabled lesbians that she'd edited.  I don't know if that's where I remembered her name.  I believe she did a reading at Giovanni's Room within the last couple of months.  I still think I must have read a few of her essays.  I stand by saying that it felt to me that she didn't do the research in the article she wrote.  I don't know if she read slash fiction, or hardcore yaoi, but she certainly wasn't reading widely in the m/m romance field.

I don't think that I've read one m/m romance in which one protagonist rapes the other.  If I had, I would have done the electronic version of throwing the book against the wall.  Just like I said if one of the "heroes" even punches the other one, it's not a romance any more to me, I don't see who would call a scenario like that a romance.  I've read a number of books where one of the heroes has been raped in the past, or is threatened with it by the villains in the story, but if it has happened to him, it is presented as a shattering event that he needs to recover from.  Sadly, I think a lot of women and men can identify with surviving rape.  Even though it's mostly just joked about regarding men, it's just as awful an event, with pain and shame and often the inability to talk about it for quite some time.  That's what I've heard from male rape survivors.  I haven't noticed writers of published m/m fiction treating as a joke, or presenting it as romantic.

I've run into some slash and hardcore yaoi stories in which rape is a sort of courtship ritual, and I hated the stories.  My one request of what I don't want to edit for the publishing company I work for is anything that's even on the borderline of non-consensual.  They don't allow incest stories.  I have pretty clear ideas of what stops a book from being a romance.  It didn't bother me as a young teenager when I read all those straight historical romances that had the heroine saying no, then enjoying sex with the "hero."  As I've learned more about the world, that storyline has become much more objectionable to me.  I know it's still a popular fantasy for a lot of people, but I've heard enough about real-life damage to people that I can't think of it as anything positive.

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