neyronrose (neyronrose) wrote,

Friday day

Talked to Mom very early in the morning, then went back to sleep.  I figured I could start my bath at 11:30, then the home health aide could help me finish it.  The home health aide, P., rang the front doorbell, then came around to the back door and let herself in.  She washed my back and shaved my good leg.  That was probably TMI, but I figure trying to reach around well enough to shave would just be kind of dangerous.  We went up to the kitchen sink and washed my hair, then she fixed me lunch.  The occupational therapist hadn't shown yet, so I went back to sitting in the recliner.

I figured that as soon as I started surfing the Web, K. would show up, and that's exactly what happened, as she came at 1:30.  She asked me if I had any questions.  I didn't particularly.  K. knows I can wash and dress myself, and even get upstairs to take a shower now.  I can get into the kitchen, get food from the refrigerator or bread drawer, and reach the microwave, so I can give myself breakfast and lunch.  So I'd passed quite well as far as she was concerned.  I told her that I was working the exercises she'd given me into my exercise routine.  K. was quite happy with how well I'd done, so I did very satisfactorily with the physical therapy and occopational therapy goals set for me.

It felt good to have achieved what the therapists wanted from me.  They helped me work towards about all the independence I can manage, considering.

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