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Thursday later evening and soap opera

Alles Was Zahlt: Marian helped Deniz through his last night of taking the "morning-after" cocktail.  Deniz was wretchedly sick, and Marian did everything to nurse him and soothe him, even holding a bucket for Deniz when he was bringing up whatever was still left in his stomach.  Oliver came in the morning, and told them that Deniz was HIV-negative.  Deniz took a moment to absorb that, then tackle-hugged Marian.  Deniz ventured outside, and saw Roman on the same block of the two blocks of fictional Essen.  They didn't exactly run into each other's arms, but they were moving faster than a walk towards each other to come together and hug.

Later, I finished up an editing job.  I have another to finish tomorrow or so, then another to turn in on Thursday.  I spent a few hours this week catching up on soap operas for my mental escape, but generally there was a lot going on with the visting health professionals, some of which really wore me out.  I figured out very late at night a part of why I'd been so weepy and depressed and feeling so oversensitive this past week.  It explains some about how I was really in pretty good spirits for the first couple weeks after I got out of the hospital, despite the pain I was in.  I can look forward to being back in better spirits again in a few days, especially considering that the pain in my ankle is so much less, and that the incision is all closed up now. 

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