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day and soap operas

Mom drove me to the appointment that otherwise would have been $23 for the trip.  Hopefully, the transportation people will get it straightened out so I can get rides.  It looks like if they do work it out, I'll be using both SEPTA and the rural paratransit company, depending which half-mile radius I'm going through.  It's ridiculous.

Mom can't lift the wheelchair into the car, so I just had my walker.  Mom parked in a handicapped space, but I had to go around the car to the cut-out in the sidewalk, then all the way down the sidewalk to the building.  There's no automatic door opener button to push, but Mom got the door.  I sat down on the stairs in the building to rest for a while.  We got in the elevator, and then went down the long hallway to the office.  I thought my leg would give out during the last several yards, but i made it to the office.  On our way out, we borrowed a chair with little wheels to get me through the building, and Mom pulled the car to near the door.  I hopped down off the curb.  All in all, leaving was far less brutal than getting into the building.  I couldn't have done that walk twice.

When we got home, I took a pain pill, which put me to sleep.  I woke an hour and a half later, and caught up with blogs.  Teddypig has the link to the article in Out magazine about Alex Beecroft and Erastes.  The article seemed fairly antagonistic to me, and kept calling m/m books porn, though Alex said that there was so much more to the books than that.  Alex was quite straightforward about having gender issues, which I don't think the article writer understood at all.  Alex and Erastes were both saying that people's reasons for reading and writing m/m romances are more complicated than just wanting to read porn for women.  Unfortunately, the writer didn't seem to get that, either.

I'm excited that Lisabea's next novel will have a "lusty German" and an "outrageous soap opera star."  She said before that the book had been influenced by her watching Alles Was Zahlt.  I said she'd have to send a copy to Dennis G.

On AWZ, Deniz was having an awful dream sequence about Marian rejecting him.  Marian found Deniz trying to hide all the pills he was taking, and thought he was not only using drugs, but now dealing them.  Deniz told his father that he was probably infected with HIV.  Actually the odds are good he isn't, considering he's been taking the "morning-after" cocktail this whole time.  Igor is rocking his scenes, and Deniz is breaking me again.  I hope there are more cheerful scenes in the entire episode.

Axel had to sign over his shares of the Steinkamp Center, so the Steinkamps are in charge again.  Roman and Ingo were pretty jaded about ownership of the Center changing hands yet agan, but some of the employees were really happy that Axel was gone.

I haven't watched Verbotene Liebe for a few episodes.  I'm just waiting until Monday, when Christian and Olli are back.  I'll probably catch up with some of the other storylines meanwhile.    

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