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Monday continued to early Tuesday

It was a work night at the secondhand bookstore.  I had e-mailed to say I could make it if someone had room in their car for a wheelchair, and could lift it into their trunk.  I also said that the driveway was steep and evil, but that I couldn't make it down to the street.  E.M. called to see if I'd heard from anyone, then came and picked me up.  She definitely wasn't supposed to lift as much weight as that wheelchair is, and I really hope she didn't aggravate any of her back or shoulder problems.  She squished one of her fingers under the wheelchair trying to get it into the trunk.  Poor E.  I had tried to say what all transporting me would entail, but apparently some things you have to experience for yourself.

I ended up sitting in the wheelchair with my leg propped up on a child's chair, advising about books in the health and wellness section.  I said to to dispose of any pill books more than a year or two old, as those date so quickly.  I was also saying that anything over ten years old on a particular disease or medical condition was very likely dated as well, as medical treatment for so many ailments has advanced quite a bit in some of those cases.  Some of the books in the health and wellness section were from the seventies or eighties.  E. didn't want to toss things if we didn't have another book or two on the same topic, but I was definite on the point that outdated medical information could be dangerous.

I weeded a bit in the "special needs children" area.  I said several of those books were dated, too.  Really, things have changed a lot there from even the nineties.  At some point, I started reading What To Do  About Your Brain-Injured Child.  I don't have any children, let alone brain-damaged ones.  There's certainly an argument to be made that my brain isn't terrifically functional in some ways, but it's quite functional in other ways.

I asked E. to go down a couple of doors in the shopping strip to get a menu from the Chinese restaurant.  I called in an order for shrimp with snow peas, steamed dumplings, and fried dough balls.  I was planning to go get it -- I just hadn't meant to make two trips there, but a new volunteer, M., told me she'd get it.  The restaurant and bookstore share a sidewalk.  I could have managed that trip.  She insisted, though, so I gave her money.  The shrimp with snow peas wouldn't have been bad for me if I hadn't had any rice with it, but it goes so well with white rice.  I shared the fried dough around.  I thought I'd get one or two dough balls, but they come ten to a package.  I'll know for next time to get them if it's a good-sized sweet-loving group.  I saw another interesting book in the health and wellness section, an aromatherapy massage book.  I'm more interested in aromatherapy than massage, but it's exciting for me to learn about petitgrain and neroli, and the uses for cananga oil.

This week's Gays of Our Lives: had some interesting analysis and spoilers.  Anthony complained about Olli's clothes being so tight he couldn't figure out how he could breathe.  From the fan comments about it on Ichglotzutube, those white jeans were deeply appreciated for how well they outlined Olli's legs and so on.  Anthony thought it was a shame that such a very handsome man was generally dressed so badly on the show.  I could agree with that.  Things should be interesting for Chrolli next week, from the spoilers.  I'm still hoping for improvement with Roman and Deniz, but it didn't look like that was coming too soon.

There were major spoilers (*yes, spoilers*) for As the World Turns -- they're going to kill Reid off.  I was very upset to hear that.  I love the character.  Why is it always the gay character who gets killed off in a show or movie?  That way Luke and Noah can get back together, is the rationale, supposedly.  I was a big fan of the Luke/Reid pairing, even if they haven't had sex yet.  I had no investment in the Luke/Noah relationship.

Apparently the gay characters on ATWT are supposed to be sexless, and are generally treated like second-class citizens, which infuriates the viewers who are interested in a positive way about the storylines of the gay couples on the show.  Just having gay characters on the show infuriates the other side, whether they're second-class couples who aren't even allowed to kiss for a year or so, or who may be able to kiss occasionally, but aren't allowed to have sex.  Someone in the show''s Powers That Be said if the show had continued, Luke and Reid might have become one of ATWT's supercouples, but since it was ending, they had to get Luke back with Noah.  I think it sucks.

It was nice for me to get out of the house, though I'd think caring for me was a bit of a pain for the bookstore volunteers.  M. said I was bringing out her motherly instincts.  I guess that's good.  She certainly got the idea that I was strongly opinionated about what to do with outdated books, and that even if I couldn't get into the back room book storage areas, I remembered a good deal about what was in there, and some about where things were.  There's no way I'll get back through the very narrow aisles back there between the boxes of books, not until I get a walking cast.  On balance, I don't think I was much use, but I had fun.  I finished reading What To Do  About Your Brain-Injured Child the next day.  That was the first book, besides the books I edit, that I'd read in several months.  Somehow it really grabbed my interest.  I have eclectic tastes that way. 
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