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Monday so far

This was the first day Mom was back from vacation to work, and she and I were working hard last night to get everything together for me in the morning.  The phone starting ringing around 9:15 a.m.  I didn't see the house phone on the tray table by the recliner, so I resigned myself to not being able to get those calls.  It rang again a few minutes later, and I looked over at the base for the cordless phone, and realized it was empty.  Dad had put the phone at the very end of the hassock that I prop my feet on.  The hassock was moved well out of the way so I could have the recliner extended out.  By the time I sat down, sat forward, and managed to pull the hassock closer, the answering machine had picked up.  It was the occupational.therapist, K. She started leaving a cheery message, and I said, "Hello," into it.  She wanted to come over at 10:00 or 10:30 a.m. I said that 10:30 would be better.  I ate a granola bar -- a Kashi bar -- for my first part of breakfast, and went to take my bath.  We'd laid my clothes out last night, and that worked well.

I started calling the garden club ladies to double-check on their addresses, and how they wanted their names done.  Mostly they were in there as Mrs (Husband's first name) Surname.  Some of the ladies wanted to keep it that way, and some really just wanted to use their own names.  I've been telling them that I want to do it as they prefer it done.  I think I've contacted just about everyone, whether I spoke to them, called them, or e-mailed them.  One, P.A., asked if the first meeting was the Thursday before Labor Day.  I didn't have the schedule down in the family room, so I had to turn on the computer.  It was that Thursday.  She said she'd call the garden club president.  I knew she'd have something to say about the schedule or some such.  I'm sure she'll have much more to say when the handbook comes out, but I'll most likely tell her to write in corrections, and make a copy of that page.


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