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Saturday so far

It's been a better day so far.  I can get up into the kitchen regularly now as long as the wheelchair is there.  I argued that it was important for my independence.  Mom's seen me hop up backwards onto the step unaided several times now, so she's not as worried about that.  I've been up there for breakfast and lunch today.

I went upstairs, too, up the flight of stairs, and found a whole bunch of paperwork I should have done.  Mom was happy.  For my reward, she went into my room while I sat in a chair in the hall, and looked for the blouses I was describing.  She held up several, and I told her whether they fit or not.  I think a lot of my clothes will be going to Goodwill or the Salvation Army, the things that don't fit.  But she found three or four of my favorite T-shirts, and my favorite pair of black shorts.  It felt really good to know I have some different clothes to wear.  Those same four T-shirts I happened to have in the wash were getting boring.

Added: This afternoon, I finished typing up the garden club handbook.  I typed in the bylaws, horticultural exhibit guidelines, and a couple of pages of horticultural definitions.  I sent an e-mail to G.C. with the draft attached.  We'll see what she thinks.

Mom thinks it would be good for me to get out of the house for something other than doctors' appointments.  She reserved places for us at the fireworks and fountains display at Longwood Gardens.  (   The music tonight is selections from Beatles music.  Mom thought it sounded cool.  I don't think she has any idea of what an enormous undertaking it will be to transport me there and get me through the Gardens.

We put my wheelchair in my car.  I told her that the people directing the parking could help her get the wheelchair out of the car.  At least she already has a handicapped driver placard.  We're hoping that they have one of their scooters available.  They do not take reservations for them.  Considering that the event is sold out, I doubt there will be one there, but we'll see.  As long as we're in the Gardens, I should be able to see the fireworks.  I'll report later.
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