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Not that I can even remember what I did yesterday.  I got a reply from Jules Jones about the AfterElton article on slash, and she gave me permission to post it there.  The home health aide came, and we washed my hair in the kitchen sink.  I've learned over the past couple of days to hop up a step backward while holding onto the walker, and can get into the kitchen myself if the wheelchair is there at the top of the steps.  I can wheel myself into the living room and to my computer, as well.  Mom doesn't want the wheelchair in the kitchen, because it leaves marks on the floor, but it really cuts into my independence if someone has to be there to brace one of the kitchen chairs, the chairs with little wheels on them.  After dinner, I felt very sick, and I hoped to hell I wasn't getting Dad's stomach virus.  Alka-Seltzer helped.  I usually work at night, and I didn't get any work done that night.

I finished the editing job this morning, and put it back up on the server.  I briefly panicked because I couldn't get onto the Internet or on the server.  I asked Mom what she'd done, and she said that when she hadn't been able to get off a site, she'd started Task Manager, and then logged off.  "Log Off" is one of the Task Manager options, though "End Program" would have been the right option.  Once I heard that she'd screwed things up, I turned the computer off and back on again.  That fixed it.

The nurse-educator came, and we talked again about me counting all of the carbohydrates of all the food I was eating.  I had done a few days of keeping a food diary, but not continued with it, because I had so much else going on.  My main priority is for my ankle to get better without me getting too stir-crazy in the process.  It's already very hard for me to sit down in the family room with the ballgame on.  I don't really have long-term goals, just short-term ones, and it's nearly impossible for me to consider making life changes right now.
G.C. called in the morning about coming over, and I said I hadn't finished the garden club booklet.  I had gotten in each month's programs, exhibits, exhibit judges, and hostesses and typed in and updated members' addresses.  I still need to type up the bylaws and exhibit rules.  G.C. will come over tomorrow morning.  S.M. was going to come over this afternoon, but the nurse, L., had said she'd get there between two and three, and had gotten there at four.  She stayed until five-thirty, and listened to me do some venting in addition to talking about my diet.

I watched yesterday's EKP clips of AWZ.  I remember it had Vanessa in it, and Oliver telling Marian he'd fallen for Celine.  Some of the Bergmann crew and others toasted Ben's wedding.  Vanessa said that last wedding she'd been in, she'd been in love with the groom.  Isabelle chirped that at least there was no chance of that at this wedding, and Ingo and Annette choked on their champagne.  "Well, cheers," Ben said.

I didn't watch yesterday's Verbotene Liebe episode, but it didn't have Christian and Olli in it.  Apparently they're not back again until August 23rd.  At least I have older episodes to watch.

According to the liveblogs, Reid and Luke kissed again on As the World Turns.  They'd had a few weeks of no kissing, though they were officially supposed to be in a relationship.  Luke said he was scared of having sex with a new person, though he'd said nothing of the sort in the previous months.  I am frustrated with these developments in the storyline.  They really have no time to waste now.

After all that discussion of slash, I started reading some again.  I mentally edit them as I go through, for grammar, spelling, and punctuation problems.  I judge the writing quality, and think about how I'd revise the sentences.  As you might imagine, that throws me out of the story.  

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