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big day

Today was the day my temporary cast came off and I got the permanent one on.  I was really trying to save my energy for it.  Mom said I should go through a round of exercises before I went, because I wouldn't feel like doing them afterwards.  I did the arm exercises, but went slow and easy on doing the exercises for my good leg.  The physical therapists want me to do those exercises slowly anyway, so that part would have been fine with them.  I went in the wheelchair out to the car, then Mom put my walker in the trunk.  She went up to get a wheelchair from the orthopedist's office.  The one she found had the left footrest completely out and extended.  I could have used one with the right footrest up like that.  She didn't know how to take the footrest section of a wheelchair off, and I couldn't think how to do it while sitting in the wheelchair.  I sort of remembered how to do it on someone else's wheelchair, but I guess it was like trying to braid my own hair, where I can braid other people's hair, but not my own.

We got there on time.  The doctor was running about half an hour late.  I listened to my iPod for the half hour.  The physician's assistant came and got me, and unwrapped the Ace bandage and some of the bandages underneath, took out the splints as he got to them, then unwrapped the rest of the bandages and the dressing over the incision the doctor had made for the surgery.

The incision was longer than I thought it was, and looks like it will leave an impressive scar.  He'd stapled it all together, and it really had that Frankenstein look.  I didn't watch when he took the staples out.  Mom must have heard the way I was breathing after the first couple, because she came over and took my hand.  There were sixteen staples altogether, she'd told me.  She went over to count them as soon as I was all unwrapped.  I had taken a couple of painkillers before we left the house.  The staple removal wasn't fun, but it wasn't as bad as I'd thought it might be.  I had had no idea what was holding the incision together, whether it was stitches or what.

The skin around the ankle was still bruised, Mom said, but the skin generally looked a pretty healthy shade to me.  I have no tan, so it was the normal very pale pink of the rest of my skin.  My toes have remained their normal color, and that was reassuring to see.

They took X-rays, and the doctor was pleased at how it was healing up.  He said that once he'd put the bone back into place, the ligaments had snapped into place around it.  He'd said in the hospital that if they didn't, he'd have to make an incision on the other side to sew them up, and put another plate in across the top of the ankle.  He thought it looked good now.  I said I'd put my weight on it a couple of times to break falls.  He said he'd rather have me use the leg to break a fall than to have a bad fall.  That was good to know.  Otherwise, no weight-bearing for another month.

The physician's assistant put on the permanent cast.  I had several choices of color.  He said I could have blue, green, red, black, or hot pink.  I thought that hot pink would be cute for a couple of days, then get old, so I chose green.

When I got home, I called D.S., and she came over for a while.  We talked generally, and I asked her to translate the pop-up notes for the photo of Jo's terrace on the Verbotene Liebe page of Das Erste.  She thought the part about him having a hairdryer in every room of the house was pretty funny.  It was nice to hear the translation of what he said about loving cut flowers, especially white roses.  I didn't ask her to translate all of the pop-ups, but she did several.  The one for Jo's breakfast was amusing.  I knew "Brotchen" meant "rolls," and I had figured out from the picture that "Erdbeeren" meant strawberries.  Jo said that he found strawberries "sexy."  D. was wondering about that.  I said they had had a scene with chocolate-covered strawberries (Kiss #50), but that she probably didn't want to see that.  She agreed that she didn't.

D.'s son and his fiancee were coming to visit this weekend, and then she was going to Detroit next week to visit her sister.  She promised to come visit again after her return.  We talked about how this was a conservative area, and she thought that was good.  She could see from my expression that I didn't really agree.  "I've gotten more conservative as I've gotten older," I said.  I'm sure many people would still consider me a pinko liberal mongrel, but I don't really discuss too much in the way of politics with senior citizens.  Some of the garden club ladies know that I watch the storylines featuring gay couples on German soap operas.  I've started watching most of the storylines in the soap operas now, but I still love the original couples I started watching.
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