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Apparently no Christian and Olli on Verbotene Liebe today.  I'm thinking of watching yesterday and today's full episodes.  I'm still interested in what's going on with Tristan and Andi, and Constantin.

On AWZ, Deniz' rapid HIV test came back negative, but he needs to wait another two weeks, get tested again, and keep taking that drug cocktail.  He rallied enough from feeling so sick from the meds to join the hockey player calendar photoshoot.  The camera loves him.  Marian and Ingo posed, too.  Ingo didn't seem like he photographed well.  There was some Ho Yay ( with Marian and Oliver, as Oliver oiled Marian's chest.  I am not kidding.  The pictures of Marian were relatively good, considering, and Ben promises to participate, too.  The new Ben has a really good body.  There was a call between Richard and Vanessa.  Apparently Vanessa is coming back to town for her brother's wedding.  It should be interesting having Vanessa there.  She had a lot of ties with various characters.
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