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Wednesday's soap operas

I saw the clips from both shows.  On AWZ, Deniz was still taking the morning-after cocktail for possible HIV exposure, and was still feeling horribly sick from it.  However, a day or two of being horribly sick to reduce infection risk by 80% still seems to make much more sense than not to do anything.  Roman was unhappy, but everyone in the Bergmann-Zadek flatshare seemed to be pretty mopey.  That crew made dinner to cheer Marian up, but it wasn't particularly successful.  Marian is talking about leaving town again, and his friends discussed how to raise money to renovate No. 7.  They came up with a hockey player calendar idea, and Oliver Sommer posed for it.  He's got a great body.  They took some shots of him coming out of the pool all gleaming with water droplets.  Norman Kalle (I think that's his name) is woefully underused.  He's a really excellent actor, and he's easy on the eye, too, especially showing off his upper body.  Oliver definitely needs more plot.

VL: Christian comforted Olli, as Olli feared that he might have gotten an HIV infection from a former sex partner.  I had thought that Olli would use condoms, and he had with Jonas -- except for one time when they were "totally drunk."  Things happen.  I was surprised he hadn't gotten tested before, especially with the AIDS benefit he hosted at No Limits.  It seemed like he just had that sinking, "What if that one time did it?" feeling.  He seemed just as concerned, if not more so, that he might have in turn infected Christian.  Fortunately for them, they both were HIV-negative.  When they got home, Christian proposed to Olli, saying, "I want to be with you, and I never want to lose you."   Olli suggested they get married in four weeks.  That brings it to early September.

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