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Wednesday generally

This morning: Saw the occupational therapist's assistant, K., with occupational therapist J. supervising.  I thought the assistant had much to learn.  Hopefully,  she will get a lot more education.   When they got there, I was in the bathroom.  "She's washing up," Dad said.  She went right up to the bathroom door and asked if she could come in.  That put me off right away.  I opened the bathroom door as I went to wash my hands.  I was swiveling my torso around to the sink, while leaving my leg where it was.  K. said that put an awful lot of torque on my good knee, and that I should come around towards the sink, then turn again back towards the door.  That was a good point.

Once we'd all sat down in the family room, K. started talking about how now that I was getting better, I could do some household chores.  "A lot of women notice when they're injured how much cleaning they need to do," she said, or words to that effect.  "You could do some sweeping."

"I'm non-weight-bearing on that leg for six weeks, and I need both hands on the walker," I said, thinking that she was completely stupid.  Later, I thought that perhaps she just hadn't read the file.  That doesn't make it all that much better.  She could have noticed that I wasn't touching my right foot down at all as I hopped from bathroom to family room.  "Mom had said the other day that I could chop up onions, and I was like, meh," I said.

"Chop those onions," the occupational therapist said.  "Or you could fold laundry," one of them said.

"As long as I can do it sitting down."  Once the assistant had regrouped from the "non-weight-bearing, both hands on the walker" part, she and the occupational therapist encouraged me to do whatever light household tasks I could, so I was moving my torso and upper limbs, and getting exercise that way.

At some point, the assistant wanted to see me get dressed.  "I know you've already gotten dressed today, but I want to see how you do it."

After we made sure Dad would stay in another room, I yanked off my T-shirt and bra, then my shorts.  "I'm leaving my underpants on," I told them.  I'm sure they would have liked to see how I did with those, but I had reached my limit.  I brought my left leg up and around, and took off the sneaker, sock, and Teds.  I just as quickly put my bra and T-shirt back on, but I think they had time enough to see that I didn't have any notable trouble getting clothes on or off the upper half of my body.  I got the shorts back on over the cast and up, then swung my left leg up and bent that knee to put my footwear back on.  I continued to think how stupid the assistant was.  J. had evaluated my upper body range of motion the first time she came, by herself, and deemed it fine.  I might have the minimum of upper body strength and be totally out of shape, but I'm surprisingly flexible in some ways.

Mom was upstairs taking a nap, but when she woke, I told her that I was encouraged to do light household tasks, like whatever food prep I could do sitting at the kitchen table, and laundry-folding.  She came up with some vegetables for me to chop, including those onions.

The nurse, K., was supposed to come at 3 pm.  She called at 4 to say she'd had an emergency with one of her patients, and could get to me by 4:45.  I'll have to tell the people who are running late to just text me saying so.  I could do other things meanwhile.  K. asked if I wanted to reschedule for tomorrow.  I said that the home health aide and occupational therapist's assistant would be back on Thursday, and then I had another medical appointment out in the afternoon.  She said she could come see me first thing in the morning.  I replied that I'd rather see her at 5 today.  Once she finally got here, she was pretty nice.  She seemed quite laid-back.

I think all the nurses I've had come see me have come two hours late or more, and they call after the time they said they'd be there to tell me they're running late.  Mom is really frustrated about that, and I'm rather frustrated.  The only people who have come on time or early have been the home health aides.

We had a quick dinner once the nurse had gone, and headed over to the notary to get my temporary disability placard request notarized.  Placards seem to have mostly replaced handicapped drivers' license plates.  I don't know what you're really supposed to do if you're behind a disabled driver on the road, except to give them room and watch out for any weird moves they might make.  It's mostly elderly people who are disabled drivers, too, which is doubly dangerous, in my opinion.  Dad was along, so I used the wheelchair.  I wouldn't have been able to use the walker to go down their slanted driveway and up over the bump at the  building's doorway.

I was glad to get home, all my medical adventures and trips out done for the day.

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