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Tuesday afternoon

Morning: First I had breakfast and took my meds.  Then I fell back to sleep, which is generally what happens when I take the painkillers.  Mom and Dad went out on various errands.  I qualified for a rural paratransit system, which means I'll pay eight dollars round trip for a trip within ten miles of home.  They do go door to door for things like doctor's appointments, which will be really helpful when Mom goes back to work next week.

A home health aide, a young woman named J., came to help me bathe. She washed my hair.  Sometimes I go a year or so between visits to a beauty parlor, but I love having my hair washed.  I'd been getting to the hairstylists more frequently these last several months, because I went back to having it dyed red.  I didn't go to get haircuts that often before because for many years I was trying to grow my hair out.  It's past shoulder length, but it never gets too much longer than ponytail length.  I still want it as long as possible, but I acquiese to getting the spilt ends cut off.  They say that makes it grow faster.

J. said she'd be back on Thursday.  I'm looking forward to it.  The home health aides I've had so far, J. and P., have been very nice, and quite good.  I worked as a nursing aide on and off for nine years, so I feel I have the experience to judge.  J. said it was a change having someone who wasn't geriatric, and who didn't have dementia.  "I don't have senile dementia," I said.  "I'll remember what you said for at least the next five minutes."
Grandma S. sent me a get well card, which I got yesterday.  Mom hadn't wanted to tell her and worry her, but Dad had e-mailed his siblings, and one of my aunts told her.  I called her, and told her I was getting better, and would be fine, and thanked her for the card.

I should be back to work today.  I'm getting a book to proof.  It seems like it will be a mix of proof and line edit.  I'll put my comments into brackets, but just fix typos and punctuation errors like I do on a line edit.  I'll be glad to have something else to keep my mind busy.


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