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I could not get myself to watch last Monday's full episode of Alles Was Zahlt last night.  Unless I get the subscription to the show archives, I've missed it.  I don't know if that was the episode in which the bar burned down.  I'll try to watch a couple of episodes tonight.  The Eskimo Kiss Ladies were raving about what a great episode today's was.  They seemed to have taken from several storylines they haven't been following and thrown them in there today.  I mostly fast-forwarded through it and watched the parts with Deniz and Roman.  (*spoilers*)  Deniz had unprotected sex with a guy who said he never used condoms, because it felt so much better without them.  I'd just read an AfterElton column by Brent Hartinger that had a discussion of barebacking, with mention of that argument in the comments.  (

On those occasions where AWZ goes there with who does what -- and they do -- Deniz has bottomed for Roman.  I'm sure they're versatile, to use the term Kris says I trademarked.  They give each other blow jobs.  When someone complained about someone being heavy when they did pair-skating training, Mike said, "Now we know who was the top and who was the bottom."  Roman said that Mike must have a boring sex life.  In this episode, whatever Deniz did, he clearly realized the morning after that he'd done something very unsafe.  Apparently everything didn't seem so rosy once Deniz came down from the cocaine buzz.  Back when, not so long after Deniz and Roman had broken up, Roman had had sex with Deniz knowing that Deniz was high.  It wasn't shown as being the right thing to do on Roman's part, but he asked, "Why does everyone expect me to always do the altruistic thing?"  Ingo was a grownup at the time, and clearly expressed his disapproval.  Roman's friends expected that Roman would be better than that.

I don't know where Roman and Deniz are going to go from here, but Deniz has gone downhill very badly since he found out that Roman was cheating on him.  It's been fast, but I don't think unbelievably so.  Deniz has used drugs and hooked up with random people before.  It's just heartbreaking to see him go back to that behavior when he'd come so far.  As I've said before, I think there are people who aren't cut out for monogamy.  Roman figured that's how Deniz was at the end of DeRo 1.0, but Deniz had changed since then.  The ideal in soap operas seems to be monogamy, though it's generally shown as an unrealistic ideal.

In real life, I think it's better that partners negotiate clearly, and have an open relationship if that's what works for them.  On AWZ, Richard Steinkamp has apparently never been monogamous, but I don't think any of the women he's been with have been okay with the idea of an open relationship.  It might have been better for him and his relationships if they had been, but it sure would have lost a lot of the soapiness.  I don't mind if he cheats.  i guess I'm not that invested in Simone or Celine being happy.  I get tired of seeing Celine cry and whine, but that's another story.  The show does much better by some characters than others.

VL: Tristan apparently reported himself to the police, judging by the police and journalists who descended on the Schloss von Lahnstein, and the reporter who found Jessica.  Sebastian told Justus that Jessica had lied about everything.  Justus dropped a crystal glass, and then said something about a disaster once Sebastian had gone back upstairs.  Apparently Justus thought that what Jessica had done reflected badly on him, but he seems to be the sort to take that kind of responsibility, and care so much for image.  He should have known that Jessica was low-class.  Everyone else at the Schloss did.

I fast-forwarded through any parts that had either Philipp or Antonia in them.  It means I miss Nico scenes, but I desperately wish they'd let her interact with characters played by actors who can act.  She could hang out with the middle class or working class people, or with the more interesting of the other von Lahnsteins.  i'm still missing Carla and Leonhard, and they were gone when I started watching the show.  Speaking of good people who cheat sometimes, Carla and Leonhard seem to have been in that VL class.  If I'm understanding it right, everyone on the show has cheated on somebody along the line.  Most are portrayed as good people.  As I found out from 2001 episodes, Olli cheated on Tom after he realized that Tom was cheating on him.  I'd love to hear some conversation about Tom or Ulli from the people who remember them.  There are still a few in town.  There's a lot of history to a fifteen-year-old show, and most of the characters have their fair share or more of baggage.

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