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so far Sunday

It's been very quiet.  I took a nice bath (sponge bath, but nice), and put in the no-rinse shampoo.  I loved getting the real hair washing the other day, but my hair feels cleaner now than it was.  It's amazing how a good bath lifts the spirits.  Dad brought down the straight-backed chair with arms, the captain's chair, and I did my exercises, including "arm push-ups" -- using my arms to lift my body up slightly above the chair seat.  I can use my good leg for the push-ups, too.  The occupational therapist says that once she and the physical therapist are done with me, my arms will be really cut.  There's certainly nowhere to go but improvement now that I've started to do any exercises at all.

Dad says he'll bring me up to the kitchen for dinner again.  Hopefully, that will be a regular thing.  Once I'm in a chair up there, with my leg propped up, there's nothing to stop me from eating like I normally do.  Well, what I'm eating is considerably more controlled, but it's much better than eating off a tray.  When my arms and balance get better, I should be able to hop up those couple of stairs using a crutch.  That will be a big step towards independence.

More of Sunday: Dad brought in the wheelchair, and I went up from the family room onto the hassock, and then into the wheelchair.  It wasn't entirely a success for dinner, as the seat was very low compared to the table, and the arms were just the height of the table, so I had to reach up, but couldn't get that close.  Mom had made meatloaf, and that was good.  After dinner, I wheeled around the living room.  I found a folder that had information we'd need to fill out some of the temporary disability paratransit forms, so Mom was happy.  I got back into that straight-backed chair with arms, and did my arm exercises, and some of the leg exercises that are easier when you can sit up.  The physical therapist and the nurse come tomorrow.  It will be a busy day that way.

I think the wheelchair will be mixed as far as functionality.  Once I'm in it, I can get around pretty well in the less-cluttered areas.  Mom can't lift it, as she said, so it won't be as helpful on trips out of the house as I had hoped.  Once I get paratransit service, they should be able to manage it.  The brakes are a little tricky, as one seems like it's on when it's really not.  You really have to pull on that brake to set it fully.  I was watching for anything like that, and of course it's less dangerous when you know about it.  Well, I'll keep reporting on how personal mobility equipment is working for me.  As my arms get stronger, I'll feel better about the walker, though I can manage that pretty well for short distances.

J.C. from garden club called.  She and I forget who else had put together information for the bouquet styles wanted for each month, and for the horticultural exhibits.  I explained that my garden club papers and corrections were upstairs, but that I should be getting upstairs by some time next week.  She will e-mail me what she has.  Dad doesn't have Word on this computer, just some kind of Vista thing (I think) that won't let you put comments into documents.  Mom has been talking a lot about bringing my computer downstairs, but Dad said it wouldn't have an Internet connection if he brought it down.  I need both a good word-processing program and the Internet, together on one computer, especially given how limited my mobility is now.

Since Friday night, I've been trying to psych myself up to watching a full episode or two of last week's Alles Was Zahlt.  I'm sure I'll be fine once I get into it, but watching the full episodes takes a lot of mental energy.  Verbotene Liebe, which is having happier times for my very favorite characters, and interesting things going on with some of the von Lahnsteins, takes a lot of mental energy, too.  I'll invite D.S. over this week, and hope to have her do some translating for me.

I guess it was good having a quieter day.  The nurse and the physical therapist both come tomorrow, so it will be busier.  I asked A. for some Chrolli cookies to brighten my day, and he gave me a link to hundreds of them.  I can't even say how much A. rocks.  That totally made my day.  It's his birthday today, too, so send birthday wishes.  


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