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I got all caught up on a week of Verbotene Liebe.  Rebecca even used the phrase "verbotene liebe" in talking about Tristan.  During the Chrolli marathon, we saw the clip where she said that the public display of affection Christian and Olli were having right then -- sweet little kisses -- was disgusting.  (*violently hating Rebecca*)  (Added: They're the Nov. 4 & 5, 2009 episodes - Gregor's kareoke bachelor party.  Rebecca said that them making out in public was "pretty disgusting."  (*seething hatred for the hypocritical bitch continues*))  Later, she got that horrible crush on Christian -- so much for finding him disgusting -- and got all snippy and weepy whenever she saw Christian and Olli showing affection to each other.  Then this week she helped Tristan escape from the castle.  I guess she's not disgusted by one of her brothers giving their sister roofies and nearly raping her while she was unconscious.  On the bright side, her family seems to have gone back to disliking her.  Sadly, that probably means she'll be foisted off on the guys that much more.  Bleh.

I fast-forwarded through the parts with Antonia and Philipp.  Several times, the show switched from them to Christian and Olli, so it went from dull storyline and bad acting to really good acting, general sparkliness and comedy from the guys.  The contrast was incredible.  Also, I want a pony named Bee.  The sparkliness continued today, with the pleasant additions of Constantin and Nathalie.  Verbotene Liebe has a tradition of characters humiliating themselves singing kareoke.  The episode where Olli sang a song for Tom was a memorable example.  I thought Christian did a good performance today, and Nathalie was quite a decent singer.  She sang a reprise for Matthias.  Constantin is a good von Lahnstein to have around.  I don't think he's actually related by blood at all to the von Lahnstein family, but that he's adopted.

Ansgar was rocking in his own fairly sinister way.  Maria betrayed him to Ludwig, then was surprised when Ludwig didn't trust her enough to tell her what was going on with the twins.  I hope that Ansgar and Lydia hook up again.  That was total soapy fun.  Lydia said that she'd thought that Ansgar was a monster.  Apparently she found him to be a pretty sexy monster.

The actor who plays Tristan is rocking his scenes.  He's gone from evil to somewhat repentant.  I think Helena will stay the love of his life.  At least now she knows to be wary of him.  Helena and Andi did the "let's be friends" thing.  That never works.  Nanna skipped the scenes with Olli behind the bar at No Limits, because all they showed with him was Rebecca in front of the bar.  Apparently I'm not the only one to hate Rebecca that much.

Alles Was Zahlt: So far, I've just caught up on the Eskimo Kiss Project clips for the week.  Deniz is a mess.  He's doing coke again, and he burned down No. 7.  For those of you not watching, I am not kidding.  He had a cracky dream sequence where Roman begged for his forgiveness and he spurned Roman, but it didn't go quite as well for him in real life as it did in his dream.  Although Roman messed up big time, he's still an adult, and had an grownup's reply for Deniz.  Have I mentioned how much I love it that Roman is now one of the most mature characters on the show?  I know I've expressed happiness at the times he's been the show's voice of reason, even though nobody listens to him at those times.  He says what's going to happen in that raspy low voice of his, and there's general disbelief and dismissal, followed by instant forgetting.  Of course, when what he says happens just like he said it would, he remembers.

I'll likely catch up on the full episodes this weekend.  Apparently there's a lot going on with Lena.  I kind of like Lena, but I'm wondering how much I'll care.  There's also supposed to be much Tom and Katja cuteness.

As for me, I saw the occupational therapist this morning.  I knew her from when I went to a bisexual women's group right after college, and she was one of the group's leaders.  She can't have been all that much older than me.  I felt comfortable telling her that I was watching German soap operas for the gay storylines, because I was a big fag hag like that.  She said I was a woman after her own heart.  I told her about editing e-books, too.  She was into fantasy/science fiction things back then, and apparently still has an interest.  I finally said I remembered her from the bisexual group, to explain how I knew her.  She didn't remember me, but said she hoped she'd been nice.  She'd been very kind and supportive, and I told her so.

Anyway, she went upstairs and saw my room, and recommended I get a professional organizer.  I didn't think it was a bad idea.  I hate the idea of throwing anything out, but that's why my room is so cluttered.  She asked how many times I'd fallen in there in the last three months, before my ankle.  "Three or four times," I said.  "But I mostly just fall into the piles of clothes or onto the bed."

I made it to another doctor's appointment, and talked about planning for the relatively distant time when I gradually wean myself off the pain meds.  He said he'd work with me, but that I wasn't addictive like that.  One of the nurses in the hospital was praising me for the way I was managing the use of the drugs they were giving me.  I'm not shy about staying on top of the pain, but I don't call for meds if I don't think I need them.

I left a message for the orthopedic surgeon to let him know that my pinky toe was going numb every so often, and he said to loosen the Ace bandages around my foot a little bit.  It seems to have helped.  A visiting nurse is coming tomorrow morning, and she can help me rewrap it better than we did on it.  I don't want to have it so loose that my ankle falls off.  The primary care physician had wanted to take a look at it, but when she saw how it was all heavily bandaged with gauze and cotton and a splint underneath the Ace bandages, she and her nurse hastily rewrapped the Ace bandages they'd taken off.

I think that, considering, I manage relatively well most of the time.  Some of the garden club ladies will come to visit, and I'm sure some of the university students will come pick me up for events.  The kids do seem to like me.  I'm not involved in their personal soap operas, but I tell them about history and culture.  They're way more up on the current music and trends, of course, but I think it's comforting for them to know that previous generations had a lot of the same concerns they do, and similar sorts of interests.
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