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Today was my second session of physical therapy.  We established that I couldn't hop up the stairs using my left leg and a crutch.  When I used my arms and good leg, I could pull myself up to the kitchen floor, then reach back to a hassock and lift myself up, then back to a chair and get up to that.  It requires someone there to hold the hassock and chair steady, so I can't do it alone.  At some point, I got into one of the kitchen chairs, which have wheels, and wheeled all over the kitchen, as I'm used to doing.  The therapist brought the walker up into the kitchen, and I walked to the dining room to see my flowers.  I had gotten sunflowers from church.  They were drooping, but still pretty.  The bromeliad I got from E.M. and the flowers from S.M. still looked nice.  I went to the living room to see what treasures I had there, and we found the bag of glow sticks, which would probably be relatively useful at night -- I could hang them off my walker.

I was very eager to get as much done towards independence as I could.  My shoulders are hurting worse than my ankle now, but I think the therapist got the idea that I was highly motivated.  She was telling me to slow down, that she needed a leash for me.  She said it would quite a long time before I could get up a flight of stairs, that my ankle needed to heal some first to take the stress of the bumping.  I have exercises to do to strengthen my legs, and the therapist will be back tomorrow.

Verbotene Liebe: My bar for cutest thing ever has been raised, seeing Olli riding Bee.  I note that Olli and Christian were both wearing riding boots, and both looked really good in them.  Even though it makes no sense with Christian's history for him to be such an excellent rider, I'm glad they're using Thore's skills.  Also, I'm glad the powers that be realize how sexy Thore looks riding horseback.  Kris and A. will tell me Thore looks sexy just about any time, which is true.  Christian and Olli kissed a few times, and there was the suggestion that they made love.  (Added: I really like that first kiss, when they're propped up on their elbows in the meadow, just finishing their picnic.  It's tender and so sensual.  During it, they moved so they were lying down.  Their displays of affection show so clearly how much they love each other and want each other.)  Afterwards, they were wrestling in the grass.  I like how they're both big, strong guys, and aren't shy about being physical with each other, in play or in displays of affection.

Olli insisted on carrying Christian over the threshold of their flat when they got engaged.  That was sweet, but also showed how strong Jo is.  Thore is 6'2", and it's all muscle.  He must weigh at least 175, and Jo was able to carry him in his arms.  As shown in many fan videos, at one point Christian lifted Olli over his shoulders and twirled him around.  I like how they have that much strength, but are generally pretty sweet. 
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