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soap operas over several days

Well, I still have much to catch up on, but I think I've now seen the latest Eskimo Kiss Project and Ichglotzutube clips.  On AWZ, Deniz is not doing well at all.  It's supposed to get quite a bit worse.

I read through Anthony Langford's Gays of Our Lives column.  That's where I saw the spoilers about Alles Was Zahlt, which, along with the show itself, depressed me.  Much of the Verbotene Liebe news seems brighter.

Anthony thought that Christian's ideas for a quiet little wedding were some of the most beautiful and romantic things he'd heard on the show.  I'm not the only one who thought that what Christian said was beautiful and poetic.  Christian has a lovely romantic streak.  The way Christian and Olli come up with wonderful romantic plans for each other is part of what makes them such a special couple.  Anthony wasn't too happy with Olli, though, saying he was being totally self-centered in this.  Olli used to be much more willing to sacrifice his own needs for a partner's.  Christian quickly got used to that, and at times deeply appreciated it.

Added: The commenters agreed with Anthony that Olli was being a Bridezilla, but a couple argued that no one would say anything about Olli wanting his own way about a wedding if he was a woman.  People don't question it when a woman wants a big splashy wedding and basically just wants the groom to stand in the right place at the right time.   One commenter argued that a hallmark of the relationship is Olli pushing Christian past his comfort zone until Christian decides what he really wants.  I felt that Christian was pretty sure about wanting a quiet wedding.  As someone else pointed out, Olli is "mega-social," and Christian should have expected that Olli would want to make the wedding into a big event.

The last subtitled clips I saw included massive amounts of cuteness.  I was a little cranky that twice lately Christian and Olli have talked about taking baths together, but the actual baths have happened offscreen.  I started out my German soap opera watching with Deniz and Roman and a shower scene.  I got used to there being more than a suggestion.  I don't know when Olli became equine-phobic, but Christian had judged his boyfriend pretty well that way.  Christian saying what a little sweetie Bee was, Olli's face, and Bee herself were the cutest things ever.

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