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and a few non-soap-opera things

Did not sleep last night.  Finally took some Benadryl, etc., around 3:30 a.m.  Tossed and turned for several more hours.  Wide awake at 7:00 a.m., though I quickly tried to go back to sleep.  Mom called and woke me up at 2:05 p.m.  I had had an appointment scheduled for 2:00.  I called K.S. and left a message.  She called me around 2:30, and worked me in for a 4:00 appointment.  I lay down again and got up at 3:30.  I made it to the 4:00 appointment, at least.  I got tremendously tired again around 6:30, and lay down for another couple hours, not really sleeping, but listening to the iPod at first, then dozing somewhat.

I got up and felt semi-more clearheaded.  I watched the soap operas and posted on them, and finished up an editing job.  It was a shortish story, but good.  It went well with the continuity of a previous and related series, the heroine and hero were likeable, and it was a quick read.  I liked that even though the hero thought there was a bounty on the heroine, he was actually willing to listen to reason sooner than later.  That never used to happen with alpha heroes until they were beat over the head with the truth.  I am very much for the change you find sometimes now of a hero considering what the heroine has to say.  I think it makes the hero that much more appealing.

Along the line of my travels today, I stopped at [local independent bookstore].  Kris had mentioned that the newest Black Dagger Brotherhood book was out a few weeks ago or so, or compared different covers for it, at least.  I found Lover Mine.  That will be my poolside reading for a day or two, I think.  I have so many e-books to read, and I'm still pretty much just reading the books I'm working on.  I picked up The Tale of Genji the other day at the secondhand bookstore.  I'd heard of it, and figured it was something I should read sooner or later.  I seem to read more e-books when we're traveling and Dad brings his laptop.  I really should get my own laptop.

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