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(*expect spoilers in both summaries*)  Alles Was Zahlt:  Deniz found the cocaine one of the models left, and snorted up.  Then he borrowed Marian's car, to drive to the lake.  Florian found the empty packet of coke, and told Oliver.  Fortunately, Deniz got back safe, and Oliver yelled at him.  Deniz said, "Stella's in Canada, so I couldn't run her over, but if I had, I would have manned up and admitted it."  Touche.  I love that the characters on this show remember things that happened, unlike in many other soap operas.  Oliver's still right, of course.  It didn't take long at all for Deniz to start self-medicating.  Not a good sign.

Max tried to poison Axel's coffee, but Richard deliberately spilled the coffee.  Max explained that the concoction was just plant extracts that would cause symptoms to make Axel feel like he was dying, but not actually kill him.  Richard wasn't terribly convinced.  Axel later came into Jenny's room, saying everything was spinning, and fell onto her bed.  He asked her if she was afraid of death.  It was touching in a way, though I still want the Steinkamp Center back in the hands of the actual Steinkamps.

Marian realized that Jenny had stopped the divorce proceedings because she was just waiting for Axel to die.  He wasn't too happy with Jenny.  Richard and Simone talked over the whole "poisoning Axel" scheme out in the parking lot of the Steinkamp Center.  Claudia slowed down to listen as she went by.  Looks like there will be more sparkly, smiling blackmail.  I can't wait for her to be killed off.  I don't know anything -- I'm just hoping one of her blackmail victims does it.  I love to hate Axel, but I just hate Claudia.

Verbotene Liebe: No Christian and Olli, though they should be back tomorrow.  Constantin and Andi were in this episode.  Constantin offered to babysit for Matthias and Nathalie.  I think that child, Christina, is the daughter of Matthias' wife and Sebastian, so the sister to Lydia, David and Fabian.  Constantin had no clue as babysitter, but when he called Nathalie, Nathalie told him to take her out in a stroller.  Jessica came along, and apparently has great maternal instincts (who knew?), because she got the rug rat to stop crying right away.

Constantin and Jessica were really hitting it off, but Jessica made a fast break for it when she saw Andi coming towards them.  She has much to answer for there.  Andi had a lot of mental anguish after the blackout he had from the roofies she gave him, when he couldn't remember what he'd done.  All he'd done was pass out, despite what Jessica said.  Then she lied under oath at the trial.  Next she faked a suicide attempt.  I'm sure she'll have to pay for all her lying sooner or later.  I'm sure there will be fireworks when Andi finds out that Constantin's mysterious woman friend is Jessica.

Lydia broke it off with Ansgar, at least for the moment.  Maria and Ansgar are questioning Helena and Ludwig to find out what was wrong with Helena, and what's wrong with Tristan.  Tanja can walk again, though she's keeping it a secret.  I don't know what the appeal of Hannes is supposed to be.  He's just this little lump of a kid.  I guess the women viewers are just automatically supposed to like small children.  Christina is cute.  Hannes not really, in my opinion.  Tanja will apparently be up to things tomorrow.  I guess it somewhat blunts the impact of the evil if you know to watch for it from someone, like the other von Lahnsteins know that Ansgar, Tanja and Maria are evil.  Most of the non-evil ones are cautious around the evil ones.

Well, looking forward to having the guys back tomorrow.
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