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Alles Was Zahlt: Deniz made it to a modeling job, prodded into it by Marian.  Despite all his drinking and pizza-eating over the last couple of weeks, he still looks "top fit."  One of the other models clearly agreed that Deniz looked fine.  Constanze got this "why are all the cute ones gay?" look on her face.  Deniz had lovely sizzling chemistry with the camera, and then some chemistry with that model when the models came over to party at the flat.  He was offered cocaine, but turned it down -- at least for now.  He couldn't go through with having sex with someone else besides Roman -- at least for now.  Deniz really has changed dramatically from his tomcat, callboy ways of before.

Igor D. says that it's hard for him to feel like he's getting chemistry going playing a sex scene with someone who's more or less a stranger, but he made it look pretty natural today.  I think sometimes I underestimate what a good actor he is.  I was really glad Deniz couldn't go through with it.  Deniz can fake being the party animal for a few minutes at this point, but he's really not up to it like he used to be.  I hope he doesn't backslide to the bad old days, when he set new records for misbehavior.  I have a bad feeling about that, though.

In other news, Tom and Katja are too cute.  I want Tom to be a regular, and I want them to stay together.  Richard figured out that Simone and Max had a plot to poison Axel.  I think he decided to reluctantly be in on it, after he yelled about it in medium-level outrage for a little while.  Now they've got Max, Richard and Simone all on the same side, and Jenny just hoping Axel dies.  Axel has infuriated too many people when that crowd are all working together.  I can't wait for them to bring him down.

Verbotene Liebe: No Christian and Olli today.  Mostly just the von Lahnsteins who live in Schloss von Lahnstein, with a refreshing interlude of Elisabeth getting out to Schneider's and talking with Charlie.  Ansgar and Lydia are still in a stage of blazing lust.  It's great.  Tanja knows for sure now.  Somehow she dragged herself up the stairs to the attic to see them doing the deed.  I'm sure Lydia now has a high place on Tanja's "who should I kill next?" list.

I think Ludwig confided in Elisabeth.  Maria just happened to be there to overhear it.  Maria had tried before to get him to tell her what the problem is, but he didn't tell her then.  No Tristan or Helena today -- presumably they're just in their respective suites.  I think tomorrow has Helena.  It definitely has Constantin at the Mann-Sabel-Fritzsche flat.  I guess that's now the Mann-Sabel-Fritzsche-von Lahnstein flat.

Since the show skipped back to the beginning right after the opening, I figured I might as well fast-forward and deal with the skipping by keeping an eye on the time into the program.  I fast-forwarded through just about all the stuff with Antonia and Philipp.  Nico asked Antonia to make a special breakfast tray for Philipp, and put flowers on it.  Antonia ground her teeth.  Well, she is posing as the estate manager or whatever her position is -- some kind of staff.  Close to a third of the show today was of Antonia, Philipp and Nico.  What a waste of time.

I think another reason why that plot isn't working for me is that the characters who are supposed to be running cons aren't that evil.  They're behaving only slightly badly compared to the usual from some of the other characters on the show.  I'm pretty sure that Ansgar, for instance, has done some terrible things.  I think framing Carla for gun-running was one of the milder things he's done.  Considering the vicious sociopaths they've had on the show, and the couple they still have, someone has to be pretty damned villainous to even come close to that.

I hope they concentrate on good plots.  Word getting around fictional Dusseldorf about Tristan would get things nicely stirred up.  The Brandners should be used to it.  The other side of the von Lahnstein family should be used to it.  I want to see some lively reactions, in addition to the "What else is new?" reactions some characters should have.  It would be great to have characters interacting with characters other than the usual suspects.  Just cut out Rebecca and have Christian interacting with the non-evil von Lahnstein characters who are played by the actors who can act.  Mix in the Brandners with other characters.  I kind of miss David, despite his horrible taste in women.  I'm realizing that just because everyone on the show cheats with everyone else, it doesn't necessarily make them evil.  Some characters have clearly crossed the Moral Event Horizon (TV Tropes), though.  Hoping the writing gets better and the bad actors go away... 
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