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Wednesday late July

Good stuff on AfterElton today.  The Ladies' Choice Hot 50 is up:  Some of the people I hadn't heard of, and some I didn't think were that hot, but there were a couple I chose on there, and several I wouldn't have minded choosing if I'd known more about them.  I think a few of Kris' suggestions were on the list.

Also up on AfterElton today is a discussion of slash fiction.  It's actually a really good history of it.  They didn't particularly explain why it was under the "Needs More Gay" heading, but I have much to say about that.

I went to S.M.'s for lunch and computer lessons today.  Lunch was chicken salad with fresh-off-the-farm tomatoes and warm rolls.  S. makes great lunches.  Then she gave me a Brunnera macrophylla seedling -- I think she said the variety was 'Jack Frost'.  It's got a silvery leaf, and the leaves get very large, so it's quite an effect.  I had a couple with plain green leaves.  The plants have little blue flowers, and are called perennial forget-me-nots.

We sat down at the computer, and I figured out how to make new folders for her e-mail, so she could sort it out.  We updated the garden club programs list, and I sent a copy to myself.  I helped her order a CD from Amazon.  I didn't know that Amazon had little samples of tracks that you could listen to.  Then again, I believe I've only ever ordered books.  She had no idea what her password was, but I remembered it from months ago when we'd set up an Amazon account for her and she'd ordered a CD.  Half the time I don't even remember my own passwords.

Anyway, we got a lot done for a couple hours at the computer, and she's got a much better idea of drag-and-drop now, from sorting e-mail into folders.  It was nice to get out of the house and have a good visit with someone.  I think the garden club ladies figure that feeding me lunch is a great bribe to get me to come over.  I would do what they want me to, lunch or not, as long as the request is relatively reasonable.

I went to pay a bill, since I was vaguely in the neighborhood, then stopped at one of the county libraries to pay the fine on an overdue book and get it out again.  It's the fourth in a series, and I was trying to wait for the third to come in through interlibrary loan, but I think I'll go ahead and read the fourth.  I stopped at Home Depot again, searching for more light sources.  I was directed to Aisle Ten, and found the Maglites.  I got one to keep in my car.  It's not one of the miniature ones, but not the gigantic one, either.  It should be fine for me.

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