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The Eskimo Kiss blog has pictures from a photoshoot for Alles was zahlt's 1000th episode:  Looks like Kris and Lisabea have some catching up to do -- but in the meantime, enjoy some great pictures.

Added: Got all caught up on AWZ.  Lena told Max she was pregnant.  It took a little time for Max to talk her around from being mad at him, but then they celebrated -- I think that was one of the scenes that EKP referred to as pron, as they showed Lena bare-breasted, and both of them being very...athletic.  Due to Max's plan, Axel thinks he has three months to live.  Jenny cancelled her divorce plans in hopes of just outliving Axel and inheriting all his company shares.

Isabelle got into another fight with Ben (*yawns*) and decided to flirt with Max.  Max evidently has a quick recovery time.  There Lena was, home playing with Alexander, and there Max was, kissing Isabelle.  (*spoilers*)  Apparently Isabelle gets pregnant, too.  LOL

Tom and Katja were really cute.  They made sushi, and Katja loaded Tom's with wasabi while he wasn't looking.  They laughed a lot, then finally kissed for real.  Things moved very quickly after that, and it looked like they were getting into having some very athletic sex themselves.  Katja acted so virginal when she first came on the show, and around Ben, but she certainly wasn't shy with Tom.  I like Tom.  I want him to stay around.  
Verbotene Liebe: Olli wasn't sure that Christian even wanted to get married.  Now that I've seen that Olli was engaged to Tom for a few days, I'd love to see a reference to that.  Charlie reassured Olli that of course Christian wanted to be with him, but that it was all moving too fast for him.  That's the Charlie we know and love.  Christian and Olli had flashbacks to their first time together; and when Christian came out to North Rhine/Westphalia after the boxing match, and kissed Olli in the boxing ring.

Christian came back to No Limits to tell Olli that if Olli needed a super fancy-schmancy party, he would deal with it, because he wanted to be with Olli.  Christian has really been poetic these last couple of days, yesterday describing a romantic little wedding for two, then today saying how Olli was the love of his life, and how he wanted to get old with him.  Christian said, "I want you to be next to me when I fall asleep at night and when I wake up in the morning...But I want to spend the rest of my life with you and that's why we're getting married, never mind how."

Olli replied, "...And that's why I had the following idea: We'll take our time.  We'll get married once we both figure out what we really want."  (Translations by Nanna.)  I was thrilled to see actual communication happening, along with such willingness to do what the other wanted, and such affection for each other.  At the end of their talk, they shared a tender kiss.  That's more like it.  Fans have been fairly desperate to see them talk things out if they have a difference of opinion, and be so loving with each other. 

Added: Tristan is getting treated by a psychologist.  He's telling the psychologist all kinds of interesting things.  I wish I could understand more of it.  Helena is also rather devastated that Andi moved on with his life.  She's the one who believed Tristan, when Andi was innocent of everything.  Of course it's Tristan's fault, but Andi was the one who was so hurt by it all.

The Nico/Philipp/Antonia thing is still going on.  Antonia doesn't seem to be totally evil, as she was concerned when she heard Philipp had been attacked, presumably by the people they were supposed to get all their money-scam gains to.  It's still a boring story.  I guess some of it is that I don't think the actor who plays Philipp really has good chemistry with anyone, and partly because I don't think the story is that well-written.

Tomorrow's episode looks like it's all about the von Lahnsteins who live in the Schloss.  Elisabeth is in it, and I like her.  Maria is in it, too, and I really dislike her.  Ansgar and Lydia continue hot and heavy, and they have some good chemistry together, a lot more than Lydia has with the second Sebastian.  Tanja sees them.  Most likely Lydia will get added to the list of people she wants to kill.  I'll watch it sooner or later this week.
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