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Tuesday late July

I was sleepy at one in the morning, so I decided I'd try to get to sleep at one-something.  I tossed and turned for a few hours, then went downstairs for a snack.  Mom was downstairs snacking as well.  She wasn't sleeping either.  I finished the last mango lassi I had, then went back upstairs to try to sleep again.  I think I fell asleep at four-something.  P. called at noon to say that we'd mixed up our groceries.  Her phone still wasn't working, so she'd either used the phone at the store where she works, or borrowed someone's phone.  I told her we'd get together to switch them.

I had brunch, then got terrifically sleepy afterwards.  I lay down for a bit, dozed and had odd dreams, then got up again to head to the bookstore.  I put in a good couple of hours there.  The romance section in the back room was a mess, there were gaps on the romance shelves, and we'd had boxes and boxes and bags and bags of books donated that day.  I started out working on the donations, filling up our little book cart with paperbacks and making several trips back to the back room to put them in the appropriate boxes.  After I'd emptied a couple of boxes and a couple of bags, I switched for a while to trying to sort out the romance section in the back room.  All the boxes that made a second row on top had been pulled down into the aisle, and there was a box and a bag of mostly romance donations.  Once I figured that out, I was able to rearrange, put the donations away, and then fill in the gaps on the shelves.

One of the bags of donations was of trade paperback sized books.  If they hadn't been romances, I would have put them in the trade paperback section.  As I looked through them, I saw a couple had the Ellora's Cave mark, and a couple had that stylized A that marks the Aphrodisia line from Berkley(?).  It was very warm in the back room, so I took them out to the donations area table to read the back covers and sort them out.  Most were contemporaries, with one paranormal romance.  A couple seemed to be purely erotica.  The others seemed to be along the lines of what you'd expect -- well, what I'd expect -- some voyeurism and exhibitionism, several BDSM-themed books, a couple of menages.

I decided to just go ahead and put even the two outright erotica ones out with the romances.  I'd think younger readers would probably like the erotic romances.  By "younger," I mean younger than the usual senior citizens.  I don't know what the senior citizen readers will think of them, but I don't think it's like anyone would buy a BDSM romance by mistake.  So apparently the audience is out there in this area.  I'd been looking to see if we'd get any donations along those lines.  We got one Samhain historical a while ago, but this is the first donation of a number of books from various erotic romance lines.  I'll have to look at the local Barnes & Noble romance section again.  I was very excited when I saw they'd started carrying Samhain romances, and that there were a couple of Ellora's Cave books there.

I brought one of the donated books home, Wild, Wicked and Wanton by Jaci Burton.  I'd heard of her before.  I looked for her name under the Samhain authors, and she'd had several books published by Samhain.  I'm sure she's had others published with other e-book erotic romance lines.  This book had a little publishing mark on the spine when I looked closely: "Heat."  It's apparently also a Berkley line.  She dedicates this one to several people, including fellow authors Lora Leigh and Shelley Bradley/Shayla Black.  I started the first story.  The editing is kind of "meh," and I'm not terribly blown away so far, but we'll see how it goes.

I'm looking forward to seeing more of these books come in.  At least one person is donating them.  I felt like I'd had the chance to use a bit more of my knowledge, to recognize the romance lines and type of book we'd gotten.
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