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and other things I did today

I went and paid the phone bill, ran to the grocery store, went to Staples and got black and tricolor ink and photo paper.  Then I came home for a while, and waited for P. to call.  She was having an MRI, and I said I'd pick her up from it.  I should have had a translator for the P-speak.  She said she was having it done in Building D, then would wait in the main lobby, and that you went up stairs.  I found Building D, and went to the radiology office, and looked in the waiting rooms there.  Then I went up to the second floor, and looked in the waiting rooms there.

I asked in the radiology department if P. had been there, as I was her ride.  They said yes, that she'd been there, but was finished fifteen or twenty minutes before.  I walked around the entire building.  It was well up in the nineties.  I checked the waiting rooms again.  The main lobby in the building had a couple of benches, and I sat on one as I tried to think what to do.  P. had called me from the office, as her phone wasn't working.  I called that number back, and they answered [Local Hospital].  The lady I spoke to said that would be the right building for radiology.

Finally, I drove around to check the other buildings' entrances before I left the complex, and there P. was, sitting on a bench in front of Building A.  "I told you I'd be waiting in the main lobby," she said.  "Building A."

"You didn't say anything about Building A.  You said you were having the MRI in Building D."

"And then I said I was going to the main lobby."

"I asked in the radiology department, and they said you'd been there," I said.  "That's why I kept checking through the building you were in."

Finally she admitted that she'd seen my car as I drove into the complex and down to Building D.  "I figured as soon as you didn't see me there, you'd go back up to check the other buildings.  That's what I would have done."

"Our thought processes are very different," I said.

As long as we were driving through [borough], she said, could we stop at the dollar store?  I had no objections to that.  I was a little cranky that she hadn't been where I thought she'd be, but she was telling me all about her MRI, in one of the closed ones, and it didn't sound like she'd had a fun time.  She'd gotten an IV and had blood drawn, in addition to being in the machine.  I hate needles, so I was sympathetic there.

After three months of having no desire to collect glow sticks, I'm gradually starting to get into it again.  The dollar store only had glow earrings, which was not what I wanted.  We stopped at Boston Market (a chain restaurant and takeout place formerly known as Boston Chicken) for P. to get dinner.  I called Mom to see if she wanted me to bring dinner home.  She said, "Hmm.  Why not?"  I dropped P. off.  She took one of my dollar store bags, and left one of hers.  I got her crackers, and she got my chocolate bars.  We'd both gotten bottles of Sunny D, so I figure that part is an even trade.

I headed to Home Depot.  Their emergency light kind of glow lights were really cool -- and strong.  I gave one to Thore or Igor back on that Saturday in March.  This time they had a flashlight display square, with a glow stick thing that whistled and flashed and was also a flashlight.  I didn't want all that.  I went to Party City, and found bracelets and the ones on a lanyard.  I got a few.  I saw V. in the checkout line.  She recognized me right away.  It took me a couple of minutes to place her, as I'd only previously seen her at [local university], during the semesters.  "I didn't know you were in town," I said.

"Here for the summer in my apartment."

"I've called S. a few times, but he doesn't call back.  If I was a twenty-year-old..."  I stopped, then realized that most of the people she knows are twenty-year-olds.  "If I was a twenty-year-old (*drops to a whisper*) guy, (*resumes normal speaking voice*) he'd call me back.  It's just stuff like going shopping or whatever."

"He's really busy," she said.

"I've called H. a couple of times, and she calls back."

"She's good about that.  We're trying to get S. to take a GLBT group officer position again, program coordinator this time."

"He'd be good at that," I said.  "He didn't want to do too much, what with changing majors."  We talked some more about GLBT group plans.  The cashier seemed to be a friend of hers, and also seemed to be a member of the club.  If not officially in the GLBT group, he was very likely someone they'd represent.

I'll have to see if the dollar store in [other town] has a better selection of glow sticks than [borough] dollar store.  I had originally started collecting them for a roleplaying game, as my sometimes-boyfriend was playing a rave master.  I like having some around, in case of thunderstorm power outages, sudden special occasions, or for giving them to the kids at the university.

It had been blue skies with a few white clouds in the afternoon, but as I drove home, it was pouring rain, with lightning flashes.  It was basically sheets of rain by the time I got near our street, and I'd slowed down a lot, because the visibility was only a few yards.  I pulled up into the driveway, and called Mom to tell her I was waiting for the rain to let up a little before I made a dash for the house.  Dad pulled up, and he didn't seem in a big hurry to get out of his car, either.  We waved to each other.  When it let up from the sheets of rain to a regular downpour, we ran for the door.  Mom had it open, and was waiting on the porch.  (It's a covered porch.)  We had our chicken, and I watched Verbotene Liebe.  (See previous post.)

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