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Verbotene Liebe today

Christian and Olli were having a big difference of opinion, as Olli wants to have a huge wedding, and Christian wants it to be just the two of them.  It actually kind of fits with their characters, as Olli loves to go out dancing and clubbing, and Christian is more one to concentrate on work and school.  Christian was forthright about telling Olli what he wanted, as soon as he could get Olli to shut up for a minute about his big plans.  Olli was a little down, and Charlie said, "I know you.  You want a big party."  Olli lit up again, and when Christian came in, started telling him about how he wanted a big party.  Christian was already starting to shake his head in the negative when that last scene ended.

I just muted the parts with the Antonia/Philipp/Nico thing, where the first two are running a scam on Nico.  Nico is being wasted.  She could be dealing with the other von Lahnsteins, and Arno, who I think raised her (?), and Christian and Olli.  Instead, all her time is being wasted with a cardboard cut-out con man of a prince.

Rebecca got shoehorned into just about all the scenes with Christian and Olli.  She was not only in a daydream of Christian's, but interrupted the daydream in real life, so it was doubly annoying.  Maybe we'd like her more if she wasn't shoved in our faces.  Honestly, I doubt it, but I'd like to see a lot less of Rebecca with Christian.  She also had scenes with Helena, which weren't so bad.  She still doesn't have chemistry with anyone, not Christian, not Olli, not her brothers and sister, but time with Helena was time away from the guys.  Helena went to tell Andi that Tristan had confessed that everything he'd said Andi had done was a lie, and now she believed Andi.  Andi was like, "I've heard that before."  Helena couldn't believe he wasn't all impressed, but Andi is trying hard to move on with his life.  Andi knew for sure it was a lie that he'd pushed Tristan down the stairs, that Tristan had thrown himself down the stairs, but Helena didn't even believe that.

From the wedding pictures, it's not an enormous wedding, but Charlie is in it, and some of their closer friends.  Charlie really is like a mother to Olli, ever since his own mother rejected him for being in a relationship with a man.  She's supported him in a lot of ways.  Olli loves to be around people, so throwing a big happy event is wonderful to him.  He and Christian are going to have to really talk it through.

Note: Christian and Olli won AfterElton's Gays of the Week for last week ( for that sweet proposal.  They got 72% of the vote.  I hadn't seen the other three shows, so I didn't feel like I could have an informed opinion, though I thought those proposal episodes must have been better than anything else.  The editors thought that might be the biggest margin anyone had won the poll by.  I guess a lot of the readers of AfterElton are very much pro-marriage, and pro-Chrolli.

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