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busier than I expected today

As soon as I woke, Mom was telling me to come downstairs and clear my jewelry-making equipment and materials off the dining room table, as J. and K. (my brother and sister-in-law) were coming for lunch.  She probably would have woken me in a few minutes.  She knows it's relatively useless to try if I'm deeply asleep and/or really groggy.  I just make a little groan to signify I heard her, but that I can't move any of my major muscle groups.  Mom should know by now that that's not promising.  Today she got me when I was already conscious.  I took my bath, then went down to clear off my things.

J. called an hour later, at noon, to say that they hadn't left Baltimore yet.  Well, at least the table was cleared off.  We went ahead and ate lunch, and they got here around two.  K. had an album of honeymoon pictures, and we looked at that.  J. helped Dad clean out and fix the gutters.  Mom doesn't want Dad walking around on the roof by himself.  Not that he's noticeably become more frail, but it does seem to be tough on him doing, for instance, snow shoveling if we get a couple of feet of snow.  He doesn't do as much outside as he used to do in the warmer months, but mostly just mows the lawn.  Mom wants to hire a lawn care service, and a handyman.

J. had the wedding picture proofs on his laptop, so we looked at those.  My glasses had gotten very dark in the outdoor pictures, which is what my glasses are supposed to do.  I told them to go ahead and Photoshop me as much as they wanted to.  They said they were planning to do extensive Photoshopping anyway.  It was their wedding, they're their pictures.  I just went where I was supposed to go, did the reading they wanted me to do, and gave them my love and best wishes.

So, lots of pictures, a bit of talk with J. and K., me having had enough of Mom during the three weeks she's been on vacation, and needing to escape to the computer room every so often -- that's how it went.  I'll probably drive down to visit them just by myself sometime soon.  Mom will probably try or succeed to invite herself.  She'd go down much more often, especially as she works so near the Maryland border.  She isn't particularly encouraged to do so.

There was quite the bright spot in my escapes to the computer room, as A. and I were talking Chrolli and exchanging pictures of German soap opera stars all day.  A. sent a bunch with Jo Weil, Thore Scholermann and friends.  He said most were pictures from Jo's FaceBook.  I do not do FaceBook, as I have reservations about putting my full name up in that public a forum, plus pictures of me.  An editor from Changeling has invited me to join FaceBook, and the mentor for the GLBT group at [local university], and a couple of other people, plus the students telling me I should do it.  Maybe I'll do it with one of my other names, from my roleplaying days, and just put up a rose avatar like I do for this and AfterElton.  I still think it's funny that I'm using a 'Maiden's Blush' rose as my avatar there. 

Anyway, I enjoyed the pictures.  A sent several recent ones from an Austrian event called "Life Ball."  I am presuming it was something about raising money for AIDS, as Jo does a lot of charity work around that, and was wearing a red ribbon.  Added: A. sent me a You Tube clip about it, and apparently it's a really big charity event.  I am sadly uninformed about international AIDS charity events.  S. would probably know about it.  I'd heard of some of the organizations the Life Ball supports.  In researching the history of the GLBT group at [local university], we found articles in the scrapbook of the group participating in an AMFAR event in Philadelphia, in 1985.  I'd known of AMFAR before that.  I recognize the names of the more major organizations that started in the U.S. in the 1980s and 1990s, and know something of the history of some of them.  I wouldn't call myself all that well informed even there, but likely more so than the average American. 

Going back to the 2010 event, and the shallow take on it, Jo looked gorgeous in a tux.  A. sent me pictures of later in the evening, when Jo was wearing eyeliner.  (*Emilie faints upon seeing the Jo in eyeliner pictures*)  As my regular correspondents know, I have a thing for guys in eyeliner, and guys who work a little androgyny.  I also think that Jo has just about the most beautiful eyes of anyone I've seen.  It was a fine, fine combination of things for me.

I saved the pictures, so just comment if you're interested, and I'll e-mail them to you.  (*still fainting*)  I thought he was so clean-cut, but the eyeliner and five o'clock shadow look suggests slightly otherwise.  Okay, in my fantasies it does.  Yes, I have completely gone over to the other side on that one, Lisabea.  A. did that "Come to the Dark Side.  We have cookies," thing, and I went.

Not that I don't think Dennis G. is adorable, and Igor D. is hot, and vice versa.  Dennis was my first choice in the "Hot Gay Men" Ladies' Choice poll.  (You will remember I told Lisabea I was borrowing him.)  I'm not the only one who had Dennis on the list, by far.  A lot of other women joined me in putting Dennis on their lists.  But between the gratuitous shots of Christian's riding boots, not to mention his bare torso on regular occasions; and Jo in eyeliner, the Verbotene Liebe guys have much to offer.

Does anyone think I've been reading Kris 'n' Good Books for long enough for Kris to be having a major influence on me, or do you think I was just like this to start with?  The poll opens today.  Just comment -- I'm not going to try to create an actual poll.  I'll just give it a day or two.
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