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Aside from the commentary about e-books, Teddypig finds some of the most interesting controversies.  (  As I said there, I didn't think the questions from the authors were unreasonable.  It just seemed that they were speaking from bitter experience.  I take things back here to ramble about them, but for a start-up publisher to vent on its blog?  They were interacting with writers -- writers who seemed very experienced with the ways of the Internet.  I loved how someone commenting on the thread put up an emoticon of an angry mob:   (This was from BenPanced --  Apparently this was one of the first times the company had dealt with authors, and I'm sure they learned quite a bit.  I've read these controversies before, and seen a lot of discussion in them about use of sockpuppets, and screen captures for when posts or comments are deleted.  It all had the air of a newbie going in to challenge the pros on their turf.

Also, I like some of the pictures of the bears.  It's a nice change to see guys who aren't waxed to within an inch of their lives.  I don't know why the fashion for men to wax everything became quite so popular, but some of us are okay with a natural look.  You can still see enough definition if someone is in good shape, and you can certainly still feel it with a real-life person.

I'm not sure what I'll do with myself today.  I got all caught up on the full episodes of the soap operas, and Mom and Dad headed off to Reading to do some shopping.  I'll probably call P. in a bit, and see if she's up for an adventure.  We'll see.

I started watching old Verbotene Liebe clips again, ones from vlfaghags.  Sadly, they're not subtitled, but they do have the wide-eyed, twinky young Olli.  This is after the Ulli/Tom/Olli love triangle.  I'm nearly up to Sequel part 30 (I believe "sequel" means after Ulli), and there have been some very interesting things.  Tom and Olli had a public display of affection behind the bar at No Limits, where Olli worked at the time.  So the twenty-three-year-old Olli had already done in real life what the twenty-three or -four-year-old Christian had a bad dream about some years later, and then has done in real life for a couple of years now.

Tom asked Olli to marry him, and Olli said yes, even though he wasn't ready.  Olli confided in Charlie, who urged him to talk to Tom.  When Olli tried, Tom was too busy to talk, but later overheard Olli telling Charlie he didn't want to get married.  The relationship got really rocky again for a while.  Daniel Fritzche moved into the flatshare.  He must be related to Andi.  They're probably brothers.  It's interesting to see the young actors/characters who came and went.  In the present day, sometimes there's only one character left in fictional Dusseldorf out of an entire family who were there before.

Tom tried to set up Charlie with a colleague of his, but as the vlfaghags pointed out, his "Gay-Radar" wasn't working.  (Tom!)  If you're going to set Charlie up with someone, at least make sure he's straight (or that she's a lesbian).  So Charlie wasted a lot of flirting -- she can really turn on the charm -- though the guy wished he could meet a man who would be as lovely(?) and understanding as Charlie was.  I'd love the exact translation of that line, but Tom's face was pretty expressive.  He was facing away, and he said, "Eine Mann?"

Tom and the other doctor discussed how the guy had been married, but had now accepted his sexual orientation.  I think he said, "But you're gay, too."

Tom did a "what a coincidence" smile and nod -- that was my interpretation, at least.  The other doctor said he didn't mind people assuming he was heterosexual, that he wasn't offended.  (Also my interpretation.)  Then Tom was all, "Olli, we've got to go tell Charlie!"

The line about that in the summary was roughly, "Pity round for Charlie."  I'll probably watch at least a few more episodes tonight.

I called S.M. about getting together, and we made tentative plans for Wednesday.  I'll work with her on opening and sending attachments, as I was doing it pretty fast the last time we got together.  This time I have more of the information I need, so I can go slower with her. 

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