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Snicks of AfterElton had a Chrolli puzzle today.  (  It's the first of his puzzles I've finished putting together.  I consulted the original picture a few times.  I'm familar with the room setup and what the actors look like.  I got the people first, then gradually got the room around them together.

Nanna put the subtitles for the Christian and Olli clips from yesterday and today up on Ichglotzutube.  I had gotten the "Constantin is back" idea, plus that Olli was doing some wedding planning.  Christian only wanted to invite Gregor and Luise -- he doesn't have much family left.  Olli wants to invite much of Dusseldorf plus friends from all over Europe.  Olli said, "Do you know who we haven't thought of at all?"

Christian replied, "Don't tell me it's Olivia."

"No, Judith and Constantin."  Just then, Constantin rang the doorbell.  Christian and Olli were a little spooked by that "speak of the devil" ("sprechen something der Teufel") occurrance.  It should be interesting to have von Lahnsteins who aren't Rebecca come visit the flatshare.

Since the wedding photos are out, we know who will be at the wedding.  I said during the Chrolli marathon that I didn't know who the woman in the big hat was.  A. e-mailed me privately about who it was.  I e-mailed back, "No!"  I meant in a "No way!" sense.  I'd seen older clips with her making an appearance.  I'm not sure it's the same actress, but I can't tell from under the hat.  It should be interesting.  I'll bet she's not someone the guys put on the guest list.

Olli wants to go traditional all the way with the wedding.  With a lot of gay marriages, the couple makes up at least part of the ceremony themselves, if not the whole thing.  You don't have to stay with centuries (millennia?) of custom.  Olli wants roses and rings and fireworks, and anything else he can think up.  I wouldn't be surprised if he got a flock of swans.  Maybe doves.  Then again, Verbotene Liebe doesn't do things halfway if it's supposed to be an important or glamorous event.

I did do other things yesterday and today.  Yesterday, Mom and I had stopped by those church friends' house, to see if anyone was home, so we could go swimming.  I think Mom had talked to the daughter, A.B., who's a little older than me, lives close to her folks, and comes over to swim most days.  She's a guidance counselor, so she has the summer off.  No one seemed to be home, but we'd brought lunch.  We decided to wait a little while to see if anyone showed up, so we ate lunch.  We weren't wearing bathing suits, but we'd brought them.  It wasn't like we could change outside, or go inside if no one was home.

We watched what we first thought was a tadpole swim back and forth pretty vigorously in the deep end of the pool.  We saw it had legs rather than a tail.  After I finished eating, I put a hand in the water.  It came to rest on my hand.  It was perhaps a thumb-length long, including back legs, but seemed to be pretty well developed.  I could see it had front legs.  (I have good-sized hands for someone my size, but my thumbs aren't terribly big.)  It stayed on my palm as I lifted it up to take a look.  I wasn't sure if it had fully-developed lungs, so I put it on a pedestal/birdbath sort of thing that had a little puddle in it, so it could breathe in non-chlorinated water if it had gills.  I didn't notice any birds come down, but the little amphibian was gone after some minutes.

We went over there today, around 4:30 p.m. or so.  We were expecting to meet up with A.B. sooner or later -- we thought sooner.  We'd talked to her, and she was expecting we'd come over.  This time we were wearing our bathing suits.  I went in the pool.  It had patches of warm and patches of cold.  I scooped out another little amphibian, but this one had just been floating, and I figured it was too late.  I was a little bummed out.  A little while later, L.M. came home.  We called out, "Hello," and the basset mix came running up.  L.M. came out in her bathing suit in a little while.  She looked down at the tiles at the side of the pool.  "There was a little frog, but he'd had it," I said.

"Oh, no, he's alive," she said.  She dipped him in the pool again, and then had me take him so the dog didn't eat him.  He was really very vigorous for having been floating around like that, and hopped out of my hand, then around pretty fast on the ground.  L.M. was trying to distract the dog, who was very interested in chlorinated amphibian of whatever status, although I guess living was even more interesting.  I managed to scoop him up again, and got him into the hydrangea bush.  L.M. said that they were little toads who would fall into the water.  I scooped out another couple in the next hour or two, but they'd really had it.

A.M. came out, and L.M. went to fix him a drink.  After a bit, they came out again, L.M. sitting and reading her book, The Elegance of Hedgehogs, and A.M. reading the paper.  They seemed very peaceful.  I had mostly been floating in the pool, moving between standing and treading water, then breaking it up with a little paddling.  After the first few minutes I was in the pool, I'd put my sunhat on, so I wasn't dipping my head into the water.  Mom sat by the couple for a while, then went to sit in the shade.  She started making "We should go make dinner" noises around 5:30 or 6:00.  L.M. said that we should just go get a pizza.  Mom liked that idea.  We called Dad to have him bring a pizza home, and headed home.  My shoulders and back are fairly pink, although I did put sunscreen on my shoulders.  At least my head didn't burn like it did last Monday.  My scalp was very sensitive only for a couple of days, but it wasn't too attractive in the process of peeling.

Mom said I should get a bandanna.  I said I had a robin's-egg blue one somewhere in my room.  That means something in at least one code, and apparently I thought it was appropriate enough.  Well, "appropriate" isn't exactly the word.  It was something very vanilla.

After being lured away to That Other Show, as some of the Eskimo Hordes call it, I did go back to Alles Was Zahlt for a few minutes today.  Deniz was still full of angst, and Roman was having a fair amount of angst himself.  Roman was off to a trainers' seminar in Munich, so I suppose we'll see some of Deniz this next week.  Marian dragged Deniz out of the flatshare to play some basketball.  I mean, Iiterally dragged.  This Deniz is still breaking me with how badly he's grieving the relationship.  He's still telling Roman he doesn't love him anymore, and pretending not to care, but you can see how much it hurts.

Marc is gone.  I had kind of gotten to like Marc, aside from his homewrecking ways.  He really loved Roman.  I wish it had all been better developed, and shown a deeper relationship, more development of rationale to make Roman cheat, but the acting was really good, and the actors sold it as best they could.  You believed there were real feelings there, and they had very good chemistry, much as I hate to admit it.  Igor is rocking his scenes of Deniz being totally devastated.  Of course there are still sparks there among the ashes of Roman and Deniz' relationship.  I console myself with the thought that they've had some of their hottest sex when they've been broken up.  It will happen sooner or later.  If it wasn't for the happiness on Verbotene Liebe, I'd be totally bummed out with soap operas.

I caught up on the last few full episodes of Alles Was Zahlt.  Max started an intrigue against Axel.  He's slowly poisoning him, or at least giving him something to make him think he's really sick.  I'm rooting for Max in this one.  Axel has gotten really irritating in his string of triumphs.  He needs to be put back down hard.  I hope he eventually loses his shares in the Center.

Much skating intrigue, too.  I think Claudia Bergmann (or in the EKP version, the very fitting "DeVille") blackmailed the president of the ice skating association.  She had that happy, sparkly look she gets when she's blackmailing someone.  Someday one of the people she's blackmailing will strangle her.  Roman didn't do it because Roman's not like that.  He's gone along with some evil schemes, but he's never tried to kill anyone.  Aside from the recent cheating, he has a much stronger conscience than many of the other characters on the show.

Anyway, the women got to skate, after Isabelle got into a fight with Katja that started with her pulling Katja's hair.  Katja started out in a frilly pink costume, skating to classical music.  She asked for a chance to change, and came back in a plum/purple costume, and skated to German music.  Her skating was much improved when she was wearing her kind of costume, and skating to her kind of music.

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