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catching up with more Verbotene Liebe

So I finally watched the full episodes the clips about the proposal were taken from.  On the show, Olli's proposal was somewhat overshadowed by Tristan telling his sister Helena that she was the love of his life.  Helena didn't take it well.  She remembered Tristan kissing her when she was asleep, and her shock when she woke up, and how he played it off as thinking she was Jessica.  Then she remembered falling unconscious when lying on a bed with Tristan, and how her dress was all disheveled when she woke up.  That was when Tristan gave her roofies and came *this* close to having sex with her drugged-to-unconsciousness body.  I think that's when present-day Helena ran to the bathroom to vomit.  She was doing that a lot as she realized what was going through Tristan's head during the time she thought they were just having really, really close and snuggly brother and sister love.

Rebecca was trying to console Helena along the line the last couple of days, even before she had any clue.  I get the impression that Rebecca is the sibling/family member no one really likes that much.  That role in the family there has been replaced by Tristan as of yesterday, but she'll get it back soon enough, I'm sure.  She just doesn't actually have chemistry with anybody.

So after Tristan told Helena, he got really drunk at Schneider's.  Charlie called Ludwig, and he and Sebastian dragged a nearly unconscious Tristan home.  Once he was semi-sober, he confessed to Ludwig, Sebastian and Rebecca about his incestuous love.  Ludwig took Tristan into his office and told him he was sick, but that they'd get professional help for him.  Rebecca and Sebastian went to Helena's room, to lie on either side of her on her bed.  If it had been the first Sebastian, it would have been just that extra bit more creepy.  As it was, it just didn't look healthy.  Sebastian told Lydia about it.  She was more shocked than you'd think she'd be, considering that Sebastian, her husband, is the father of her little sister.

That set of von Lahnsteins is trying to keep this juicy news from the other von Lahnsteins, the side with mostly evil people left.  Even as big as the castle is, this secret will not keep.  Of course, that side will probably be less shocked.  They'd remember how Leonhard and Sarah thought they were brother and sister for quite a while during their relationship.  Meanwhile, Lydia is having a passionate thing going with Ansgar.  They actually do have a lot of chemistry, considerably more than Lydia has with the second Sebastian.  I think Tanja, Ansgar's serial killer wife, has already figured it out.  I'm pretty sure she was already trying to kill Ansgar anyway.  We'll see if Lydia gets added to her list.  Tanja didn't seem that shocked, but she is a sociopathic killer, so you figure not too much shocks her.  She'll be delighted to hear about Tristan.  (Addition...or correction: She and Tristan had an affair...)  Ludwig wanted to keep Tristan in the castle while getting him professional help.  Helena didn't take that plan too well, either.

In better von Lahnstein news, Constantin finally returned.  He was supposed to come back in June, but he was pre-empted by the World Cup.  I didn't understand too much of what he said, but he came first to Christian, Olli and Andi's flatshare with a big duffel bag, and asked to stay there for a while.  They said, sure, that David's room was empty.  I think Constantin had lived there for a while before.  He'd remember Christian and Olli being a couple.  (Added: After reading the Wikipedia "Constantin von Lahnstein" entry, it seems that Andi would have good reason to hate him.  Maybe they made up before Constantin left town.)  I don't know if he turned out to be related to the von Lahnsteins in any way whatsoever.  I think his father turned out to be one of the show's supervillains, and I'm not sure how he's related to Maria, although it would be weird if Ansgar and Constantin were brothers  (Correction: Apparently Leonhard and Constantin are brothers).  Maria and Constantin ran into each other on today's episode, and he clearly hates her.  That's why I think they must be related.  Yes, it's soap opera logic.  (After further study, I think she pretended to be his mother.)  I believe he hated his biological father, too.

Constantin was deep in thought today, and wandered into the street.  Nathalie pulled him back from being run over by a truck.  I'm not sure how they know each other -- whether they're related, or had an affair, or both.  They certainly recognized each other, but fictional Dusseldorf is a very small town.  Oh, that's right -- Nathalie was married to Ansgar, so that means that they were probably in-laws or something.

Elisabeth came back to town.  I think she was married to Johannes, so Carla, Leonhard, Ansgar and assorted other people were her stepchildren, or so they thought at the time.  She decided that the castle wasn't big enough for her and Maria, and wants to move to a flatshare.  Ludwig wants her to stay.  I think Ludwig had affairs with Elisabeth and then Maria.  At some point, I'll find a von Lahnstein family tree, but for now, it's really starting to make my head hurt.  Added: Apparently just about every von Lahnstein related by marriage had affairs with each other, sons with fathers' wives, cousins by marriage with each other...Some of them had children with their stepmothers.  The Brandners have had their share of cheating and incest as well, but the von Lahnsteins seem to be the current winners in the "how incestuous can you get?" storylines.

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