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I should go to bed fairly soon.

Later: I went up to bed a little before 2:00 a.m., which is my usual time to go to bed.  I got up briefly a little before 5:00 a.m., but went back to sleep until nearly 10:00 a.m.

Mom and I went to the library to drop off books we'd finished.  It was snowing a little when we left.  The library parking lot was nuts.  A large truck was going around the parking lot the wrong way.  The parking lot is a one-way loop.  Mom honked, and the truck backed up so it was parked in front of the handicapped spaces, because of course that's where it would park.  A broken-down car was stopped in the roundabout by the outdoor bookdrops.  It was possible to get past it, but it was in a bad place.  After we dropped off our books, we headed to the usual supermarket.  Mom was driving, and her nerves were shot by that mess in the library parking lot.

Our trip to the supermarket was actually very productive.  We found things that we were out of or just about out of.  Also, we talked to Z. a little bit and said hi to P.    It had stopped snowing by the time we left the supermarket.  I drove home.  Though I was glad we got the provisions that we got, we were both exhausted after all that.

While I still had my heavy coat on, I went out around the yard to look at my plants and put the labels I had done for certain ones in place.  I ended up getting my pruning shears and cutting back dead stems of annuals and herbaceous perennials.  The butterfly ginger stems finally died back, so I could try to overwinter the rhizomes.  I want to try to overwinter that pot of the milk-and-wine lily crinum that's still outside.  I cut the tattered leaves of that way back, but it's still trying to grow.  After all the leaves die back, crinums can be overwintered dry in a garage or shed.

I also cut back more English ivy from by the former rose garden, and off the trunks of the lilacs, and cut vines of Hall's Japanese honeysuckle off of the lilacs, too.  I like the fragrance of the honeysuckle flowers, but Dad says the vines can strangle trees, and I don't want my lilacs strangled.  I cut down some grapevine that was wrapped around the shrubs, too.  I'm kind of getting the ambition to clear vines and weeds out of that whole area.  Since I cut down the black walnut tree, there aren't any other trees per se to cut down.  The redbud tree is near there, but we want that there.

There are various sweet shrub stems and small thickets around and in the former rose garden, but those stems are easy enough to lop down.  The forsythia had wrapped around the area more than I thought it had, but that's also relatively easy to cut back, and we consider that a desirable garden plant.

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