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I should have gone to sleep a while ago.

Later: I was up around sunrise for no apparent reason.  I puttered around doing a few things, and then after an hour or two, went back to bed until 11:00 a.m. or so.

I had brunch and wished Uncle D. a Happy Hanukkah.

In the early afternoon, I put on my gardening clothes.  I went out and planted the rest of the Darwin Hybrid tulips in the former rose garden, after clearing out a lot of the English ivy that has wandered over from our neighbors' yard and the mistflower that has spread across our yard from when I planted one plant.  The mistflower is my fault.  The one I got was blue, but all the plants in the back yard have white flowers.  I know the blue can sport to a white form, but I don't know why all but the one are white.

I planted some irises in there, too.  I'd had several in pots in the front yard, and the pots were full of iris borers.  It was gross.  I'd removed the longer leaves, washed the soil off of the rhizomes, and dipped the plants in a weak bleach solution.  I let the rhizomes dry for a day or two, and then put them in plastic grocery bags.  I've been gradually planting them ever since then over the last few weeks.

Today I planted the 'Empress of India' iris that had been living in a pot.  It had a good large root system despite the borers.  I planted a clump of rhizomes that I think was another section of the 'Indian Chief' iris that had mostly filled a good-sized pot.  I planted another rhizome of that iris nearby.  And I planted the mystery iris that had lived in a regularly-shaped gray plastic pot since 2019 or so.  That was in the back yard and did not have iris borers in the pot.  However, I thought I'd try planting it in the ground and see if it blooms this coming spring.

There were still daylilies growing on the side of the former rose garden that's nearer to the green shed.  Some were growing through patches of the English ivy, and under the mistflowers.  I found labels saying 'Citrina' and 'Gold Dust' ('Tax Day').  I know I had 'Hyperion' and 'Ice Carnival' in there too, once upon a time.  I think the ones that survived being eaten by groundhogs (or deer?) several times are mostly or all the double tawny daylily 'Kwanso.'  That's an extremely hardy plant.

I have a newish 'Gold Dust' daylily by the 'Sharifa Asma' rose in the "herb garden."  I'd gotten that a few years ago.  I had two there, but I kept digging the one up when I planted the 'Uchida' lilies in that section.  This year I planted another "lemon lily" daylily in the corner there, and a 'Hyperion' daylily.  Those are labeled.  So I have replaced some of the sorts I'd planted in the former rose garden, and gotten other kinds.  I'll keep an eye out for H. citrina.  I think I'm pretty good as far as daylilies go, though.

After my digging and planting and transplanting and such, I put layers of hardware cloth and chicken wire over the places that I'd planted the tulips and irises, and found the remaining daylilies.  I'm hoping that will slow down the groundhogs and squirrels and the like, or at least delay them from digging up the irises.

So I've planted all the bulbs that I got in the autumn of 2021, plus planting and transplanting a good number of other bulbs and garden plants.  I still have some small 'Dom Pedro' tulip bulbs from the ones I dug up in the spring that I'll probably get around to planting soon, and a lot of 'Tete-a-Tete' bulbs still on the front porch, but we'll have tons of 'Tete-a-Tete' daffodils early in the spring from the bulbs I replanted in the crocus garden, and planted elsewhere in the front and back yards, in addition to those already naturalized in the back yard.

I called it a day for working outside around twilight.  Uncle D. had written back in the afternoon, and I replied again in the evening.

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