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It still wasn't that nice a day out, but it was relatively good for the end of November.  I went out at 1:00 p.m. and was warm enough while bundled up.  I planted some of the Darwin hybrid tulips that were the last thing I had ordered that I needed to plant, and the 25 'Mountain Lady' grape hyacinths from another company that were sent to me in error.  That company said I shouldn't send them back, just keep them.  After my inquiry, I got the 5 'Pink Sunrise' muscari that were what I had ordered originally from there several days later, and planted those the day I got them.  Reviews of that say that the flowers start out pink and then turn white, but that's fine.

It snowed a bit last night, and the wind was howling.  When I looked out the window this morning, it looked like a lot of the plants that are supposed to go dormant in the fall were finally being forced into dormancy by the cold weather we've had lately.  The pineapple sage still had some live leaves, but some of the leaves and flowers had withered.  There seems to be a lot more shelter there by the west side of the house than there is in various other places that I've planted pineapple sage plants over the years.  Some of the roses back there are still leafed out.  The leaves of the young rugosa roses that I got this spring are finally turning yellow and falling, as they should.

The hardy cyclamen that I got a few years ago -- 2016 or 2017? -- still had a flower.  The 'Grand Soleil d'Or' narcissi that I potted up and put on the plant stand in the dining room a couple of weeks ago are sprouting.  All of the five that I planted have leaf tips showing above the soil.  That's a tender narcissus that doesn't need chilling.  Some of the daffodils I have outside have apparently gotten as much chilling as they want and are sprouting early, so I might end up bringing in more narcissus.  Several of the ones we already had are listed as kinds that are easy to force.  'Tete-a-Tete' and 'Ice Follies' are two of the kinds on those lists.  From what I'm seeing, even the relatively hardy kinds of tazettas don't seem to need much in the way of chilling.  That includes 'Cheerfulness,' 'Yellow Cheerfulness' and 'Erlicheer.'   

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