neyronrose (neyronrose) wrote,

Thursday -- Thanksgiving

I should go to bed quite soon.  Mom will want me to help a lot with cooking.  I watched the second episode of "Hawkeye" after Mom went up to bed.  Ironically, I was having trouble hearing some of the lines.  Mom has been hard of hearing for several years now.  She refuses to let me teach her any sign language, though.  Of the residents of this house, I clearly have the keenest sense of hearing.

Later: I didn't expect to go out, but Mom and I ended up doing a grocery store run in the morning.  It was a productive trip.

I helped with our dinner.  I did the mashed potatoes.  We skipped doing stuffing this year.  The potatoes were plenty when it was Mom and Dad and me.  We had some turkey breast left over and a couple of portions of green beans, but that was it.  Since they were out of pumpkin pie at the grocery store, we got coconut custard pie, which Mom likes a lot, and I got mince pie.

I watched a couple of video review and Easter egg explanations about the Hawkeye episodes.  I started watching WandaVision, but skimmed through the better part of the first few episodes, and settled down to watching the whole episodes at the time the twins were born.  I appreciated the Billy and Tommy parts.  Those were clever.  Also I liked the introduction of Monica Rambeau as an adult.

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