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If it's not extremely cold out or raining, I'd like to get some flower bulbs planted on Sunday.

Later: I went to bed relatively early, and then woke up early.  I didn't have any particular reason to stay up, but I did.  I watered and cared for the jungle of plants that I moved inside a few weeks ago.  After breakfast, I was having back spasms again, so I took a couple of Advil and lay down for a little while.

I changed to gardening clothes and went out at eleven-something a.m. to plant some bulbs.  I got all of the tulips except for the bag of 25 mixed Darwin hybrid tulips planted.  I planted 'Rococo' near where I had 'Couleur Cardinal' tulips bloom in the spring.  I planted the 'Estella Rijnveld' tulips around by where I had the 'Black Parrot' and 'Philippe de Comines' tulips last year.  That should be an interesting contrast if the very dark tulips come back in the spring.

I planted the 'Willem van Oranje' and 'Apricot Beauty' tulips near where I had the 'Queen of Night' tulips last year.  That will also be an interesting contrast if the 'Queen of Night' tulips return.

I planted the last couple of 'Blondine' tulips and the last few Florentine tulips on the hillside by the driveway.  I'm hoping that the area where I planted them is somewhere near where I had the 'Bleu Aimable' tulips come up last year.  I planted the last several hyacinths that were in the bag of mixed hyacinths on the hill also.  That was it for the hyacinths I'd ordered.  Now those are all planted.  I feel like I got a good amount accomplished today.

I wanted to do labels to mark where I'd planted the 'Blondine' tulips, but I did put the Tulipa sylvestris label that came with the bag of Florentine tulips in the spot where I'd planted those little yellow wild tulips, so I pretty much know where they all are.  I was really losing the light by 3:30 p.m., as it got very gray and cloudy.  I called it a day for planting bulbs at around 3:45 p.m.

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