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I think I'll go to sleep fairly soon.

Later: I slept on and off, but I was okay.  I spent some more time in the morning putting together some collage/scrapbook pages of daffodils I'm trying this year, since I got them all planted.

When I opened the door in the morning, I saw that I'd gotten my 'Red Lion' amaryllis bulb.  I hope it hadn't been sitting out in the cold for long.  I brought that in.

Mom and I went to the library and then to a grocery store in the late morning.  I picked up another book about the Avengers that I'd put on hold at the library.  I got a few more graphic novels there to try to catch up some more on the Marvel Universe of the last several years.  The grocery store was busy, as one would expect, but that store has wide aisles, so we didn't have a problem getting through and getting our provisions.

Bringing the groceries into the house gave me back spasms, so I lay down to rest my back for a while.  During that time, I read or reread a bunch of the graphic novels that I'd gotten out of the library over the last few weeks, and the book I'd gotten out today.

I planted the amaryllis bulb in its pot in the evening.  It had already sprouted pale green leaves.  I'll put the pot on the windowsill in the dining room and see how long it takes Mom to notice that we have a new amaryllis.

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