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I want to get more of my begonias potted up before the frost.  I'd dug up the last of the ones by the green shed, and I need to get them in pots.

Later: I got all of the little begonias that were still outside potted up in small pots.  I brought the pots in a few at a time.  Dad put together the new etagere.  I brought the ginger lily into the house, and Mom really doesn't want it to live in the house all winter.  I'll figure something out...

I had a noon appointment with K.M.  That was okay.

I was done outside and in the house well before dark.  I still had a lot of plants to rearrange in the house, though, so that kept me occupied.  I'd gotten What Houseplant Where, The Houseplant Expert and other books of that sort on our recent trip to the library.  So far, The Houseplant Expert has been quite helpful.

I ended up putting the wooden plant stand by the east window in the living room.  It gets the early morning light there before that's cut off by the roof of the porch.  Considering the angle of the sun, that area probably gets more light this time of year than several other spots in the house do.

My back hurt afterward.

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