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I watched the Verbotene Liebe clips on Ichglotzgerman before I left for a work night at the secondhand bookstore.  I could tell Olli was worried -- so why he didn't have his phone on, I don't know.  He's had his phone off or with a dead battery before, so it's not a one-time plot contrivance.  Christian tried to shrug off Olli's concern, which he's done before.  I knew basically what Miriam and Sebastian were saying.  I couldn't believe that Sebastian(!) was the one to suggest it to Christian.  I recognized the word Christian said at the end of the clips.

I got to the bookstore around 5:45 p.m., after I picked up dinner at McDonalds.  I ate dinner while E.M. talked about all of the categories she wanted to change around and rename.  L.F. and B. came in.  It was thundering, so I called Mom to ask her to turn the computer off, and talked her through it.  It started to rain really hard.  I separated the political humor books out from the general political books -- which wasn't a bad idea of E.M.'s -- and put them on the bottom shelf of the section.  There was a big box labeled paranormal romance, which got me all excited.  When I unpacked it, there were three or four paranormal romances, some romantic suspense novels, some contemporary romances (which we really needed), and some new category romances.  At least I got that box unpacked and the contents put away.

We discussed what we'd be doing for August and September.  The "beach reading" display continues, then we'll get into a "back to school" theme.  I left a little after 8:00 p.m., as I had German soap operas to catch up on.

Verbotene Liebe's Christian and Olli storyline was just that much better when I could understand exactly what they said.  I'd really gotten a lot of it, but it's nice to know all the words.  Olli's so cute when he's worried, and Christian realized his boyfriend needed reassurance.  Olli is back to putting his love for Christian above everything.  Christian fell back on joking when Olli ran into his arms in No Limits, but Olli doesn't care who knows he's so devoted to Christian, and so concerned about his welfare.  Nanna translated Olli saying that Christian was his "Lebensgefahrte" as "partner."  I think it would be closer to "life partner," but it got the idea across.  I still can't believe the "easier way" than filling out all those contracts was Sebastian's idea.

Alles was zahlt had Deniz finally venturing out of the flat long enough to come down to No. 7, although he was still moping.  Roman was just in his trainer role Friday and today, being far more supportive of his skater than Mike ever was of his skaters.

I still couldn't figure out how to put pictures into comments on AfterElton, so I sent a private message to someone who does put pictures up.  She said you could use Google mailbox(?) to do it.  Those of you who are good at things like that will be getting e-mails from me.  I deleted my 'Maiden's Blush' rose avatar, much as I like it, and uploaded the "We love Kris" pictures as avatar pictures.  It says it takes up to 48 hours for new avatars to show up, but watch for it.  I'll see if I get any comments.  I was trying for the picture where Dennis G. is kissing me on the cheek.  That was right after he murmered, "Let's make this look good."  He was too funny, and, as Lisabea and I have said, such a good sport.


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