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I got a fair amount of sleep, I guess.

I ran around in the morning to pick up the spring-flowering bulbs I had set out to plant yesterday afternoon.  I think I got them all.  Not that it would hurt daffodil or grape hyacinth bulbs if they got wet, but just so I know where they are.

I moved the plants still in pots around, too, so they'd have more shelter from the wind.  It was awfully windy this morning, and it's supposed to rain hard this afternoon.

My virtual meeting with K.M. was rescheduled to Tuesday, which is fine.  I'll have more time to update stuff before then.

Mom and Dad made a grocery store run in the early afternoon, before the rain started.

The heavy rain started in the mid-afternoon.  The wind was howling, too.  This went on for several hours.

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