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I should go to bed fairly soon.  I have plants to plant tomorrow and an appointment with Dr. K.

Later: I did gardening stuff in the morning, then I changed into clean clothes for my appointment with Dr. K.  Things were all right.  When I got home, I changed back into my gardening clothes and continued with gardening.  My box from Brent & Becky's Bulbs arrived in the afternoon, and I got started right away planting those bulbs, and more of the bulbs that I'd gotten from Old House Gardens.

My pre-appointment project was rinsing the dirt off more irises, and then dipping all of the ones that I'd rinsed but not yet replanted in a solution of nine parts water to one part bleach.  Hopefully that got them clean.  The pot that had the 'Indian Chief' iris in it had a lot of iris borers in the pot.  It took some time, but I rinsed the rhizomes clean and dipped them in the bleach solution.  I don't remember offhand seeing iris borers in the soil around the 'Empress of India' iris that was potted.   That was a large rhizome, but I eventually got it all cleaned off.  I also dumped the soil in the regular-shaped gray pot and examined that iris.  That rhizome was much bigger than I'd thought.  I didn't see iris borers in that pot, but I still rinsed and dipped that iris also.  I need to replant those various irises soon.

I also dug up the last several begonias that were planted in the little patch of ground by the green shed that has irises, some purple oxalis, hostas and a cyclamen planted there now.  I dug up some of the oxalis corms in the process of digging up the begonias.  I'll put those in little pots, I think.

I found the box from Brent & Becky's Bulbs on the porch when I returned home.  At least with those I mostly went with smaller bulbs that are fairly easy to plant.

I planted a couple of the Campernelle jonquils in some of the spots where the begonias had been, by the green shed.  I also planted a few grape hyacinths there, where I'd planted some of the 'Sky Blue' and Muscari latifolium varieties a few weeks ago.  Today's were 'White Magic' and the pale blue 'Valerie Finnis.'  It should all be colorful there in the spring.

The daffodil bulbs from Old House Gardens are enormous, and so was the Roman blue hyacinth bulb.  The 'Gypsy Queen' hyacinth bulbs were very large, too.  I planted the 'Gypsy Queen' hyacinths near the 'City of Haarlem' and 'Sky Jacket' hyacinths.  This ended up being between the Two-tone 'Peace' rose and 'Alec's Red' rose.

The 'Peace' rose is growing tall, and has a small bud on top.  A 'Peace' rose on its own roots, which this one is not, and virus-free(?) -- since it wasn't even the color rose I ordered, I'm not assuming anything else -- should be hardy to Zone 5.  I did pile topsoil and pine bark mulch around the base of the rose, so hopefully the graft is covered at this point.  The 'Peace' rose seems healthy.  It's quite vigorous, and the canes that are leafed out and growing tall are definitely coming from above the graft.

'Alec's Red' is on its own roots, and planted near the west side of the house, where sun bounces off the siding to warm up plants more quickly there than in many other areas of the yard.  Hopefully it will do better there than the small 'Alec's Red' rose that I had in a small pot on the table in back when it got icy, several years ago.  I'm trying to give the 'Alec's Red rose I got this year a decent chance to survive.  It's had a couple of months to get established where it is, and I have put more topsoil and pine bark mulch around the bottom of the rose.

The 'Paul Neyron' replacement rose that I planted near the back door seems to have a live leaf bud on its one live cane.  That's encouraging.  At least I don't see growth coming from below the graft like on the one I got in the spring.

I planted a Campernelle jonquil nearer the "front" of the garden as you face it and the house, near the 'Aunt Honey' rose.  I may put a couple more around there, towards the front, and maybe a few in among the hostas, astilbes and cyclamen that are in the section more toward the north.

I planted a 'Twin Sisters' daffodil and a 'Broughshane' daffodil near the back door.  There are 'Cheerfulness,' 'Yellow Cheerfulness,' 'Erlicheer,' several other sorts of daffodils, plus "plain" grape hyacinths, planted by the west side of the house now.  Hopefully it will be nice in the spring, with all the daffodils and grape hyacinths flowering.   

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