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We have an appointment with the podiatrist, Dr. B., this afternoon.

I cooked premade blueberry blintzes as part of my brunch, and shared those with Dad.  I fried pieces of potato for myself, with salt and dried dill as the flavorings.  I had a few of the "chips" with ketchup, and more with balsamic vinegar.  The fried potatoes with balsamic vinegar were very tasty.

We made it to our appointments with Dr. B on time, which was good.  In my case, it was painless.  Dr. B. told me that he was enjoying reading the gardening books I lent him.  We were tired and went home afterward.

I made and remade more labels for my garden plants and house plants, and mentally sorted out some of what I wanted to put where.  Mom and I went over the sorts of plant stands that we're looking for on a couple of hardware store websites.  We didn't come to any firm agreements, but now at least Mom can picture what I want.

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