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I'll see if the L.s are coming over today to take a look at the garden plants.

Retrospectively: They stopped by.  I wasn't able to foist any jasmine plants on them to overwinter, but did give them rooted Easter lily bulbils, which I told them were tender, and a little pot to put them in, and a number of hardy bulbs and rhizomes.  They also got away before I could foist any potted crinums on them.  I tried.  I need to e-mail Mrs. L. with the details about the bulbs and such that she got.  I finally gave her those rhizomes of the 'Joseph's Coat' and 'Sans Souci' irises that I had planted in the rectangular pot with the chocolate mint.  The little rhizomes had very well-developed root systems.  I'd also saved a few each of the 'Sky Blue' multicolored grape hyacinths and Muscari latifolium for her.  Mrs. L. likes "Pied Beauty" sorts of plants.

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